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learn | 11.27.2019

Weed Fashion That Says ‘I Love Cannabis, But I’m Tasteful About It’

Infuse weed fashion into your wardrobe without looking like a stoner.

Weed has never been more fashion-forward than it is now. In addition to all the tacky tees with cheesy stoner slogans and pot-leaf-covered pants, there’s a growing amount of subtle, stylish articles of Mary Jane-friendly clothing that you’ll actually want to wear.

Even supermodels like Bella Hadid are adding weed to their closet if that’s any indication of how far weed fashion has come over the years. On her Insta, there’s a recent photo of her sporting a high-end necklace with diamond and ruby-encrusted pot leaves.

Us regular folk can’t afford fancy jewels from Bulgari, but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for stereotypically cheap stoner apparel. There are now a bunch of affordable and tasteful brands out there for people who want to express their love of cannabis without being obnoxious about it. Here’s how to incorporate weed fashion into your wardrobe.

First You Need Cannabis Shirts

You can never have too many t-shirts. After all, your shirt is what people notice first about your outfit. Besides that, they aren’t usually too expensive, and the variety is endless.

Lovebud Crop Top

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Photo courtesy of www.chieftonsupply.com

Flaunt your admiration for weed with the Lovebud Crop Top from Chiefton Supply Co. This cropped tee, featuring a cannabis plant overflowing with love, would be a great piece of weed fashion to pair with ripped denim jeans or shorts. It’s trendy but not over the top. Not to mention, it’s only ten bucks.

GPA 4.20 Tee

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Photo courtesy of www.sundae.school

A 4.20 GPA deserves a t-shirt with spliff pockets from Sunday School. Maybe you’ll use them; perhaps you won’t. Either way, it’s a dope concept. Plus, how many people can say they have a tee with a stash spot for their weed? Add in black denim to complete the ensemble.

Pink Leaf T-Shirt

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Photo courtesy of www.stigmaandstyle .com

This adorable pink Instagram-worthy tee with pot leaves comes from Stigma and Style. It’s a little bold, but you could always play it down with a denim jacket. It’s also an excellent lazy Sunday shirt that you can wear with PJs or to yoga.

Gorilla Glue

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Photo courtesy of www.greenarborclothing.com

Honor one of the best strains of all time with this piece of weed fashion. The Gorilla Glue t-shirt from Green Arbor Clothing Co has its history printed on the inside and also features a hidden stash pocket. If Gorilla Glue isn’t your smoke of choice, then Green Arbor Clothing Co has other top-shelf strains as well, including Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies, and much more.

Layer Up With Weed Sweatshirts

Some of us have to step outside to smoke regardless of the season. When it’s chilly out, stay warm and cozy while you have a puff with a weed hoodie or sweatshirt. Here are the best ones to add to your fall/winter wardrobe.

Love Language

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Photo courtesy of www.janeparade.com

Puff, puff, pass is not just slang, it’s proper etiquette. Everyone has their own way of saying I love you, and with this lovely sweatshirt from Jane Parade, you can hint at yours.

Tailgator Pro Pullover

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Photo courtesy of www.vaprwear.com

Brace yourselves for this weed fashion must-have. This hoodie might not look weed-friendly, but little did you know, it features a built-in drawstring vapor delivery system. In other words, you can vape your favorite infused oils and get buzzed on the low-low. But that’s not all. The Tailgator Pro Pullover from Vaprwear has a built-in koozie too. That means you can keep your weed drink or other cotton mouth curer cold and get your puff on at the same time.

Some Girls Get High Sweatshirt

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Photo courtesy of www.shop-realm.com

Some girls do get high. It’s a fact, and not all of us are ashamed. If you’re high and you know it, and you really want to show it, then do it in style with this sweatshirt from Shop Realm.

Honor Rollers Hoodie

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Photo courtesy of www.sundae.school
For all the honor rollers out there, represent with this dank hoodie from Sundae School. It’ll match just about every outfit and will keep you from freezing during your outdoor smoke sessions.

Put Some Pants On, Weed Pants That Is

A weed wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without pants, and I’m not talking Saul Silver from Pineapple Express-style pants either.

Violet Flame Cannabis Leggings 

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Photo courtesy of www.kindstems.com

Don’t just smoke the fire, wear it too—with pants covered in pot leaves. These weed leggings are perfect for lounging and yoga. This pair, in particular, features the strain Bubblelicious, which was captured by cannabis photographer Nugshots. They’re super comfy, stretchy, and will make for the dankest addition to your closet.

Mens Premium Joggers

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Photo courtesy of www.shopstigma.com

Enhance your workout routine and your activewear with Stigma Activewear joggers. Stigma is a brand dedicated to the healthy and active cannabis enthusiast. These versatile and comfortable joggers have a zipper pocket, which is a great spot for your vape. They also have a reflective logo to keep you visible and safe during your nightly run.

Pink Weed Flower Iron On Patch

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Photo courtesy of darcy dubose via etsy

Fashionable weed pants are lacking at the moment, but you can play up regular jeans and shorts with weed-inspired iron on or sew on patches like this pink leaf embroidered patch from Etsy. If pink pot is too loud for you, then there are plenty more where this one came from. Patches make for fun statement pieces regardless of your taste.

And Finally, Cannabis Accessories

If weed clothing isn’t your thing, then you can still incorporate weed fashion into your wardrobe with accessories. Weed jewelry, hats, and socks are fantastic accessories that will make your outfit of the day evermore lit. Here are the best of the best.

Herb Logo Hat

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Photography by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Here’s a hat Herbivores will love. Our cap isn’t anything fancy, but it sure is dope. Not to mention, it’s black, so there’s no outfit it won’t suit. Stay tuned for where to buy one as well as other merch made just for our community.

Locket Mill

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Photo courtesy of www.ascheindustries.com

Meet one of the most convenient and chic weed accessories. The Locket Mill from ASCHE is a wearable grinder made of 18k gold that comes with a 30-inch adjustable chain to turn it into a necklace, or keyring if you don’t want to wear your weed around your neck.

Marco Plantlife Crew Sock

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Photo courtesy of www.hufworldwide.com

Your weed wardrobe is weak without HUF socks. HUF socks are a weed fashion staple. Get you a pair, or ten.

Weed Fashion Splurges

When you want to treat yourself to some high-end weed fashion, it doesn’t get any fancier than these articles of weed clothing.

Sweet Leaf Denim Shirt

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Photo courtesy of www.jacquieaiche.com

Jacquie Aiche is a fashion brand with celebrity clientele. This denim shirt is a part of the Sweet Leaf collection and features a giant pot leaf on the back in your choice of white, black, light pink, whiskey, red, or turquoise snakeskin.

Stoned As Folk Romper

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Photo courtesy of www.sugarhighlovestoned.com

According to Sugarhigh Lovestoned, if you’re “the girl with the pre-rolled joints in her purse, your favorite movie is Dazed & Confused, you keep two Bic lighters on you at all times, and can never turn down a burrito,” then this is the right romper for you. The brand suggests pairing the peach romper with a pair of knee-high socks and clogs for a girlie festival vibe, but really, it’s a standout piece of weed fashion all on its own.

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