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Puff, Puff, Pass: Stoner Etiquette Around The Globe

To make sure every smoking experience is a great one, know your etiquette.

A lot of people enjoy smoking weed with a friend or with a group of people. It’s a great way to create new friendships and make existing ones stronger. Like any social activity, you should present yourself in a good way and have manners.

Stoner etiquette may not be something that is discussed every time you get baked with your friends, but it does exist. Those who have been smoking cannabis for awhile are pretty familiar with proper etiquette. Well, some know but choose not to be polite. However, a first-time smoker may not be aware of the guidelines. To make sure every smoking experience is a great one, know your etiquette. Everyone loves a well-mannered pot-head.

BYOW (Bring Your Own Weed)

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We all know weed can be expensive, especially if you aren’t smoking alone. You can burn through weed pretty quickly between a group of people. To be fair, bring your own stash or money to contribute. Even if someone else has plenty, it’s polite to bring something to the table. Sharing is caring!

Remove the stems and seeds

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Breaking up your weed creates a more pleasant smoking experience. No one wants to taste the stems or seeds being burned, which tastes pretty bad. Removing the stems and seeds prevents the annoying popping and sparking of the smoke. You can, however, save them if you want to grow your own.

Try not to slobber

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While it’s polite to share your weed, sharing your spit isn’t necessary. Giving someone a mouth full of your saliva can certainly ruin the buzz. Be courteous and try to wipe the spit off what you’re smoking before passing.

Puff, puff, pass

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Each person gets at least two hits before they pass the blunt or joint to their friends. Unless you’re smoking out of a bowl, then you only get one hit. Either way, make sure you aren’t hogging the weed. You will be stared at until you pass it, which can make for an awkward situation. Always remember to puff, puff, pass!


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While there may be other guidelines to follow, these are the basics and good to start with. When everyone in your circle is polite, the experience will be that much more enjoyable. Stoner etiquette is not to be mistaken with rules, but simply ways to make you a more polite pot-head. Smoking marijuana has no real rules, except to relax and have fun. It should be a chill time that you’ll want to do again.

Doing things, like bringing your own weed and not slobbering all over the blunt, shows respect. Let’s be real, it also shows you’re not greedy. Taking the time to remove stems and seeds from your stash gains major friend points. No one likes the constant popping and sparking while they’re trying to sit back and smoke. Last but certainly not least, don’t hog the weed. Blazing with a group of people means you have to pass it at some point. Everyone should be able to be high. So please, do try to be the polite stoner.

Do you have any Stoner Etiquette policies? Let us know on social media or by commenting below.

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