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Guides | 05.01.2023

7 Ways To Save Money On Weed

If you're smoking on a budget, check out these 7 ways to save money on weed.

Living paycheck to paycheck? Tax season got you down? You’re not alone. From after Christmas to the end of April, the world is practically living on a budget—and there’s no shame in that.

What may bring shame is realizing how much hard-earned money you’re spending on weed. We’re not telling you to reduce your consumption habits, but we will tell you how to save money on weed while still using it however much you want.

Below, we’ve compiled 7 tips for stoners on a budget. Read on to learn everything there is to know about saving money on weed.

1. If you need less weed to get the desired effects, you buy less and save money

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It is good option to buy weed with high cannabinoid content to spend less. An excellent example is the HHC Flowers from Bloomz.

These are hemp flowers with delicious terpenes profile that the Bloomz staff cover in HHC distillate after harvest. This gentle cover of the psychoactive HHC cannabinoid gives the buds a similar mental buzz to Delta 9 THC.

The exceptional terpenes profile in the Bloomz HHC Flowers increases the physical and mental effects when smoking it. So, you need less weed when smoking Bloomz HHC Flowers than you do when using others.

Still, watch the dose if you don’t have a high tolerance to cannabinoids. So, start slow when smoking potent flowers such as Bloomz HHC Flowers.

2. Space Out Your Smoking 

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Let’s face it, smoking weed is fun, but doing it back-to-back is a waste. Just because you enjoy the act of smoking doesn’t mean you have to smoke one after another.

Our bodies can only process so much THC at a time, so you will reach a level of highness that cannot be breached without waiting. Save some bud and space out the joints.

3. Sign Up For Loyalty And Rewards Programs

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Almost every dispensary has a deal to offer. Chances are, they also have loyalty programs and member pricing designed for repeat customers.

In the long run, these programs can save lots of money. Also, check out your local dispensary’s website for information on current or upcoming deals, sales, and promotions. Staying in the know about the best possible pricing for cannabis will always benefit you.

4. Grow Your Own

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If you’re in a legal state or country, take advantage of the laws that allow you to cultivate your own cannabis. Growing is insanely easy these days. There are products out there that essentially automate the entire process.

For the easiest possible grow, find a sunny spot outside on the balcony or in the yard and get some pots or grow bags. Check out the cannabis seed banks in your area (or online), and grow your first weed plant! If you’re not in a legal state or country… just be careful.

5. Try Dry Herb Vaporizers

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Instead of smoking cannabis, why not vape it? Vaping doesn’t provide you with the harshness, resin, tar, and impurities that smoking does. Secondly, dry herb vaporizers are more efficient at using cannabis flower than smoking.

Vaping herb heats the entire flower, while smoking scorches the flower and wastes more product. We suggest getting your hands on a dry herb vaporizer if you’re looking to save money on weed.

6. Use Kief

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If you’re a typical grinder user, open up that small compartment at the bottom. Chances are, it’s overflowing with kief, the crystal-like, fluffy powder that falls off dried flower. Kief is one of the most potent cannabis-derived substances on earth. And because your accumulation of kief is from a handful of different strains, consider it the ultimate hybrid.

Next time you’re out of weed, consider making edibles with kief, pressing it into shatter, or smoking it through a bowl. Smoking kief in a bowl through a bong or pipe can be a little tricky if there’s no weed covering the air hole. Try covering it with a small piece of rolling paper.

7. Keep It To Yourself

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Listen. Sharing is definitely caring, but you don’t always have to be the Robin Hood of weed. If you’re on a budget and don’t have much weed, don’t broadcast your smoking intentions.

You likely have a friend or two that’s always on your tail about the next time you’re planning on sparking up. Don’t be afraid to let them know that weed is expensive! If they want to sesh with you, consider it BYOW (bring your own weed). The day will come when you can share—remember that.

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