Backwood blunt
learn | 01.01.2022

Watch: The World’s Most Expensive Backwood Blunt

This Backwood blunt uses 125 grams of Vanilla Kush and 12 grams of White Fire rosin. If you can make a blunt this big, it’s time to congratulate yourself.

In this video from Mendo Dope, the crew rolled an epic blunt using 45 papers from Backwood, the most expensive kind of papers on the market. They then filled it with 125 grams of Vanilla Kush and 12 grams of White Fire rosin. Check out the video below to see the team working together to get the blunt into action. #Squadgoals, right?

Be the life of the party with this Backwood blunt

Not only is this Backwood blunt impressive because of its size and value, it was rolled without using any saliva or any honey to stick it together.

Although this isn’t the kind of blunt you could smoke on a regular basis with your friends (unless you have your own cannabis farm), you would certainly get the party started if you turned up with a blunt like this.

Have you and your crew ever attempted to roll something like Backwood blunt? Let us know your thoughts on our social media or in the comments below.

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