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10 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts For Your Stoner Dad

These Father’s Day weed gifts are guaranteed to make you the family favorite.

Mother’s Day has come and left. Now, it’s dad’s turn to be spoiled. But not with the usual toolset and shaving kit that you get him every year. To make Father’s Day one for the books, papa bear needs weed gifts. 

Whether your “old man” is retired and living the dream or still out there working hard for the money, there are several pot products perfect for pops. 

From a custom bong to CBD-powered wellness kits, here are all the best Father’s Day weed gifts of 2021:

Sungrown Cannabis From Flow Kana

Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

If your dad is a true weed enthusiast, then what a better gift than some top-shelf flower! And if quality is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Flow Kana

There’s a reason why they are the best-selling sungrown cannabis brand in California – their stuff is just better all around! They partner exclusively with small farmers in Cali’s Emerald Triangle, famous for producing some of the best weed of all time, to craft fully organic sunkissed flower and pre-rolls.

Whether it’s sativa, indica, or hybrid that dad enjoys, Flow Kana has the perfect bud for him. Celebrate his day by treating him to some of the best weed out there.

THC + CBD Chocolates From Five CBD

Photo courtesy of Five CBD

Got a sweet-toothed stoner dad? Celebrate his day with some chocolates from Five CBD. These treats are not only incredibly delicious but also feature a unique full-spectrum formulation that combines THC, CBD, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids into a blissful compound that enhances the entourage effect.

Each squared chocolate contains a total of 50 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC, a ratio that produces a mild buzz that won’t get dad ‘baked’. It’s a functional and mouthwatering treat perfect to gift dad on his special day. Find these chocolates in their Original Milk Chocolate or Sea Salt Dark Chocolate flavors!

Add any 2 products to your cart and get a 30% discount on your entire order using DAD at checkout. Shop on Saturday and get a $25 gift card on your next purchase by spending over $75!

A Customizable Bong From VITAE Glass

Photo courtesy of VITAE Glass

Elevate dad’s bong game with a piece made just for himself! Regardless if he’s into beakers or straight tubes, small bongs, or big bongs, the sky is the limit with VITAE Glass’ stylish glassware.

This brand specializes in customizable, modular glass that is easy to clean, travel-friendly, and super smooth to hit out of. Being modular, dad will be able to change bases, mouthpieces, percolators, and even the connector rings. Every bong can be customized to his own smoking style. Besides, VITAE plants a tree for every piece they sell!

Let dad build his dream bong at a 12% discount by using the code HERBIVORE at checkout!

Botany Farms’ Delta 8 Gummies

Photo courtesy of Botany Farms

If dad’s a THC fanatic, then skip the guesswork and give him a jar of Botany Farms’ Delta 8 gummies. Featuring 30 mg D8  THC and 2 mg D9 THC per piece, these are some of the strongest edibles we’ve seen out there. 

Yet, thanks to the unique combination of the deltas and other naturally occurring cannabis components, the experience with these is a very pleasant and enjoyable high that fully activates the entourage effect.

These tropical-flavored gummies are designed to calm the body and mind, making them the perfect choice for those moments when dad wants to relax and unwind after a long day.

CBDistillery’s On-The-Go Relief Kit

Photo courtesy of CBDistillery

If there’s one thing about being a dad, is that it’s not easy. Sometimes they just need time to sit back, chill, and enjoy the moment. And this is the best combo to help your dad achieve that mellow vibe!

For this Father’s Day, CBDistillery made this kit that has everything your dad needs to achieve the ultimate state of cannabidiol-powered relaxation on his special day and every day!

The kit comes with a bottle of CBD softgels for quick & easy daytime use, a bottle of sleep gummies with melatonin to help him recover at night, and a max strength topical to eliminate his aches.

For being a member of our community, you get a 15% discount on your purchase. Just enter the code HERBIVORE at checkout to enjoy!

A High Tech Vape from DaVinci

Photo courtesy of DaVinci

If dad’s a vape enthusiast, then you gotta give him the best. And in the vaping world, the best is DaVinci. Whether it’s dry herb or concentrates, big clouds or flavor, DaVinci has a product perfect for dad (and your budget).

Wanna give him the very best? Go with the IQ2. This is by far the most advanced vape out there. He’ll be able to vape both flower and extracts ad even calculate his THC and CBD intake! A sleek device for true vape fans.

On the more affordable side is the MIQRO. This compact unit won’t cost you more than $100 and still has the trademark quality of one of the most notable vape brands out there.

Any purchase of over $100 gets free shipping to Europe, Canada, and the US!

Delta 10 THC Vapes From Delta Effex

Photo courtesy of Delta Effex

Unless your dad is a big weed nerd, he probably has never heard of Delta 10 THC. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce him to it by gifting him an all-in-one vape from Delta Effex

In case you’re also unfamiliar with D10, it’s the newest cannabinoid to hit the market. It’s a close relative to Delta 9 THC – aka THC – but with milder effects. It has energizing and uplifting properties that make it ideal for daytime use and creative endeavors.

Whatever your dad’s into, Delta Effex has got a vape for him. They sell Wedding Cake (hybrid), Ekto Kooler (sativa), and Blue Candy Kush (indica).

A Futuristic Genius Pipe

Photo courtesy of Genius Pipe

Treat dad to the best weed pipe out there. It’s called Genius because it is the future of smoking. It combines the best in materials with superior usability and offers an entirely new approach to pipe smoking.

This device is perfect for discreet, smooth, and on-the-go toking. It’s made of metal which guarantees durability and has a patented air cooling system that lowers the smoke’s temperature and stops any impurities from reaching the mouth.

There are multiple Genius Pipe designs so you can really give him something that matches his style. From psychedelic colored ones to sober black devices, there’s one for every stoner dad!

Premium Accessories From HØJ

Photo courtesy of HØJ

A gift for the stylish dad. HØJ is a Danish brand that is changing the way people experience cannabis by crafting premium smoking accessories that combine the best in design and functionality.

HØJ reimagines cannabis smoking and adds a touch of class with their high-end accessories. Treat your dad to the unbreakable KØL Pipe or gift him a KLIP Grinder that’ll make his weed stronger!

Use FATHERSDAYEXPRESS at checkout to get free express shipping on your purchase. The best thing about it is that they ship worldwide so there’s no excuse!

A SwagGear Lock Box To Keep His Stash Safe

Photo courtesy of SwagGear

If dad needs a reliable place to store his supply, then SwagGear’s Pineapple Lock Box is another one of the best Father’s Day weed gifts, primarily if he’s known to keep a large stash. 

Even if he doesn’t have much flower that needs safekeeping, this fruit-themed stash box features three compartments to stash and organize other goodies he needs to be hidden as well, like candy, sharp tools, etc.

And if pops is a joint roller, he will love that a removable rolling tray comes along with it. Plus, it features a built-in lock with a key to keep the grandkids and unwanted company away from his medicine.

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