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The Most Kickass Lighter On The Planet

The classic lighter hasn’t had much innovation in all of its existence, but finally, a new and superior product is upon us.

The Plasmatic X is made by the San Francisco-based company Elementium Lighter. It differentiates itself from other lighters by the simple fact that it does not use nasty lighter fluid or flint.

It uses electricity to create two crisscrossing beams of energy that can reach temperatures of 900 degrees Fahrenheit. That kind of heat can light whatever sort of cannabis product you intend on using. Be it joints, blunts, bowls or pipes, this lighter can handle it.

Lighter Of The Future

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Photo by Plazmatic X via Facebook

Since the Plasmatic X doesn’t rely on butane or other lighter fluids, refilling this lighter is as easy as charging your cell phone. Another benefit of the 2 electric beams is the fact that the heat being released is wind and water-resistant. This gets rid of some of the most annoying aspects of smoking outside.

Elementium Lighter CEO Matt Stole truly believes that his new product is the lighter of the future.

“Our product is designed for consumers looking for an eco-friendly alternative to butane fluid lighters and disposables, who demand a high quality product with that ‘wow’ factor. We’re finding customers everywhere who love our products—everyone from outdoor adventurers, tech gadget enthusiasts, every day carry kit heads, and smokers who want the coolest new accessory.” – Matt Stoll

The best part of the product is that it’s not just a new and useful tool, it’s also an experience that you will enjoy every time you toke up.

“The second you press the ‘light’ button, your eyes are met with an amazing purple heat beam which is simply kick-ass. It makes you want to use it over and over again. Smokers love the feel and weight, along with its modern design and functionality.” – Matt Stoll

Sustainable For A Cleaner World

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The sustainability of this lighter also hints that it has come straight from the future. With a rechargeable battery, this lighter can last a very long time. Compared to throwing out a Bic lighter every couple of weeks, this option has mother earth in mind.

“Our USB rechargeable lighter is our contribution to a cleaner world and user experience. In five to ten years, we think disposable and butane-based lighters will be obsolete. With the cannabis industry and culture being more widely and publicly accepted, we strive to offer products that are cool, functional, and that meet the needs of the world’s push toward environmental sustainability.” – Matt Stoll

Hitoki Trident

Hitoki The Most Kickass Lighter On The Planet
Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Sometimes though, the best lighter is no lighter. For an alternative straight out of a sci-fi movie, the Hitoki Trident uses an actual laser to burn your flower and lets you take epic hits through a hookah-esque hose. It would look good even just sitting unused on a Star Wars altar, but you’ll definitely want to make the most out of this space-age smoking device.

Here’s the thing: not only is smoking out of a futuristic bong-like laser robot awesome, but it’s also a healthier and more pure alternative to lighters. Using something like the Hitoki Trident makes sure that all the aromas, flavors, and peculiarities of your flower are fully conserved. If you like knowing what you’re smoking down to its core, the Trident is the way to go – the purest hits with no chemical interference.

What do you think of this new take on the classic lighter? Can you see the Plasmatic X being your go-to option for lighting up? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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