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LEVO Takes Infusing To The Next Level

Why is home infusion either complicated or limited to one thing? Why can’t a home machine do it all? Now the LEVO is doing just that.

The goal of every cannabis lover is the dream of it becoming a part of our everyday lives. As for products that cater to those for whom cannabis only makes up one aspect of their lives, the pickings are slim. But they are out there, the companies bringing cannabis acceptance into the mainstream. LEVO is here to make cannabis infusion simple and quick.

LEVO: Bringing people and passions together

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Infusing cannabis into edibles is a relatively new trend, but the method of infusing itself is a time-honored craft.

Now, with LEVO you can create everything from lavender cookies to homemade lemon salt scrubs, all with one sleek device. One could even call it an infusion laboratory.

Butter meet rosemary, olive oil meet Mary Jane. You pick your favorite, trusted strain and let LEVO do the work.

The LEVO infuser is a dream because it allows you to use it for everything, not just cannabis. Whether you’re whipping up marinades for meat, infusing herbs into oils for salads or creating cannabis oil for lotion, your only limit is your imagination.

LEVO introduces a new level of sophistication when it comes to the flavor profile of various strains in combination with other ingredients. Go wild with the dandelion root and pine nuts!

Avoiding additives in your life

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We live in a world of prepackaged products that can be picked up in any aisle and on any shelf. What we forget is that those easy, addictive products come filled with extra ingredients that aren’t always the healthiest.

The makers of LEVO built their product especially for people who are passionate about ingredient control. With LEVO, you know exactly what goes into your home and body, leaving what you don’t want out.

LEVO is about getting back to basics. Eliminating unnecessary chemicals and products from our lives. And that starts right at the most basic level. LEVO is dishwasher safe (heyo!) and requires no extra chemicals to make sure it’s cleaned after each round.

Perfection is earned

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Forget the hassles of burning herbs and oil on the stove, the mess of double boilers, and for goodness sake throw away the cheesecloth.

With LEVO, you can quickly make your infusions when you need them, instead of making bulk only to see mold in a jar later.

Make your cannabis edibles with everything you want and nothing you don’t. Small batch, fresh infusions can become a part of your everyday regime.

You can order LEVO now and save with exclusive pre-order discounts. Put the power of your health and wellness back in your own hands. It’s never been so easy to experience the fulfillment of DIY.

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