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Photo courtesy of Magical Butter

learn | 12.19.2019

Use This Chocolate to Bake Weed Brownies That Will Keep You High Longer

Anandamide, aka the “bliss molecule” is found in chocolate. Now combine that with THC. Need we say more?

While some will be exchanging chocolates with their darling Valentine, others will be eating away their feelings with a box they bought themselves. Either way, it’s the season for chocolate. Because nothing screams bliss like chocolate with weed inside. Now MagicalButter, has just released a line of deluxe MB Compound Chocolate for making easy and irresistible chocolatey weed-infused confections.

You see, chocolate contains anandamide, aka the “bliss molecule” that our bodies naturally produce, which is known for enhancing motivation, pleasure, and appetite. Chocolate also contains two cannabinoid breakdown inhibitors: N-oleoylethanolamine and N-linoleoyl ethanolamine. These two structural cousins slow down the breakdown of anandamide and have the potential of inhibiting the breakdown of THC, too.

Infusing MB Compound Chocolate with weed might result a lasting high

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Photo courtesy of Magical Butter

Phenyl-ethylamine is also one of several components found in chocolate. The chemical, similar to weed, is shown to increase feelings of attraction, enthusiasm, and giddiness. So imagine sharing the two pleasures together with a lover on the most romantic day of the year. Even if you’re flying solo, self-indulging with cannabis-infused MB Compound Chocolate will have you resting on cloud nine for hours.

Rather than using cocoa butter, MagicalButter’s MB Compound Chocolate is specially formulated proudly in the USA using only the finest of ingredients, including vegetable oil or palm oil. Also, it has a high viscosity of around 125. Because it’s sweet (but not too sweet) and pleasantly thick, that makes it a match-made-in-heaven when it comes to baking weed-infused goodies. And it solidifies at room temperature like a champ.

It’s also worth mentioning that during the manufacturing and packaging process, MB’s Compound Chocolate is never exposed to any peanuts, wheat, gluten, eggs, tree nuts, sesame, fish, or crustacean. All of MB’s Compound Chocolate is gluten-free and preservative-free. Not to mention, they contain absolutely no hydrogenated oils, eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts. And they are celiac safe.

What you will find inside MB’s Compound Chocolate is milk (and/or lactose), Soy Lecithin, and quality, delicious flavors of high-end Belgian chocolate. Infuse that with some weed, and you have the most scrumptious edible imaginable.

With MB’s Compound Chocolate, you don’t have to be a ganja chef to bake high-quality, weed-infused desserts.

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Photo courtesy of Magical Butter


Naturally, MB Compound Chocolate is super easy to use. And there is no fuss, muss, or tempering involved. Just melt the MB Compound Chocolate and use it. That’s all there is to it.

MB’s Compound Chocolate also comes in three delicious flavors, including dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. As for the amounts of chocolate, you can buy, and how much it’ll cost ya, you have two options: one pound of your chocolate of choice inside a gold and elegant bag for $12.95, or a generous 2.5 LBS safely stored inside of a tub for $29.95.

Worried that your MB Compound Chocolate will melt before you bake with it? If so, then MB has insulated cold pack shipping available with a purchase of a cold gel pack. If you plan on ordering a mountain of chocolate, there are large gel packs that can chill a good 16-35 LBS.

Also, there’s a medium gel pack, which cools anywhere from 5 to 15 LBS, and a small gel pack for chilling 1 to 4 LBS.

Be on the lookout for chef-approved and inspired gourmet recipes and videos, which will be popping up sometime in February.  You know what they say, “happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate,” especially when it gets you high af.

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