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The Martian Will Change How You Smoke Blunts And Joints Forever

Prepare for a new smoking experience that is out of this world. Behold the Martian, giving the best of both blunts and bongs.

Since the dawn of time, Mankind has enjoyed the burning of cannabis in three primary ways; thrown into a bonfire or incense burner, rolled into a leaf or paper and smoked, or taking rips from some sort of pipe. Now a new contender has entered the smoking arena that will take blunt smoking to a cosmic level. The Martian is the patent-pending first of its kind, and definitely here to stay.

Uniting rollers and rippers

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It’s pretty easy to see why the first practice has gone out of favor. It’s expensive and inefficient. That left only two schools of herb-burners, who seemed destined to travel different paths forever.

Fast-forward a few millennia, and humans have developed many other means of ingesting cannabis, but the debate of bong versus blunt still remains unsettled.

The Martian combines the flavor and smoking ease of a joint or blunt with the filtration of a bong or bubbler. Smokers can enjoy the long-smoking pleasure of a rolled smoke, with the smooth hitting feel of a bong.

At only inches in size, the Martian fits easily in a pocket or purse. Finally, the best of both worlds with one deceptively simple, patent-pending device.

Advanced alien design

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The Martian’s high-wall, narrow mouth design makes it highly spill-resistant, while the low liquid volume means no abundance of bong water to dispose of or clean up. Simply empty and rinse after each use.

The low-profile, in-structure downstem boasts the unique ability to allow air to be drawn through it on an inhale, but the precisely-calibrated opening is small enough that the surface tension of the water prevents splashing up into the tip of the blunt or joint. No accidental backflow!

With a tapered opening, the Martian is calibrated to handle anything from standard Raw 1 1/4’s up to some of the fattest of blunts.

And of course, it features an ergonomically positioned carb hole for one-handed use.

Created by long-time blunt aficionados, MJ’s Arsenal duo Josh and Buck, they sought to finally give blunt tokers the water filtration only bubblers can provide.

MJ’s Arsenal hopes to create a Blunt Renaissance, letting more tokers explore the flavor of blunts without the harshness of unfiltered smoke.

Locally designed and prototyped in Denver, the Martian is the patent pending, first of its kind, and definitely here to stay.

Pick one up for your smoking arsenal at MJ’s Arsenal.com.

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