A Message From Snoop Dogg to Colorado

Snoop Dogg sent a special message recently prior to a special new holiday that had emerged in Colorado.

Sep 18, 2015

MerryJane’s YouTube channel was able to get in touch with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg and talk him into sending out a special message to Colorado. You may be wondering: why would there be a message from Snoop Dogg to Colorado? Well, in case you missed it recently, there was a tax-free holiday on September 16th in Colorado.

That’s right, Colorado residents and visitors were able to receive nearly tax-free marijuana in Colorado due to the state bringing in more tax revenue than anticipated. It can be seen as a bit of a loophole. The tax returned to 25% on the next day, but “state law requires an automatic suspension of any new taxes in the event of an accounting error.”

As expected, there was a large volume of consumers on the tax-free holiday. Cannabis retail shops prepped themselves for the surge of consumers.

Because of this, Snoop Dogg sent a special message for the tax-free holiday. Yes, it may be over with now, but it is still great to see the message and love that Snoop Dogg sends to the state of Colorado and for also encouraging responsible consumption in accordance with state law – especially when barely anyone has seen the video.

Sep 18, 2015