America legalized same-sex marriage, and this video shows why love won and why it’s right.

Today is not just about same-sex marriage — it’s also a statement of personal liberty surmounting politics or religion. It’s a good day to be in America.

Jun 27, 2015

June 26th, 2015 marks a day students will be studying to remember for history class in decades to come.

This historic day is monumental for the United States, and not just same-sex marriage. It is a statement of personal liberty and freedom, and puts civil rights above the priorities of political or religious powers. It’s a good day to be in America.

The Supreme Court’s ruling, seemingly out of the blue, is a product of decades of activism and regulatory action at the state-level that has helped evolve American culture, making their decision all-the-more straightforward and expected.

We have high hopes that the nation will follow suit on drug policy. If we stay committed to making progressive regulatory changes state-by-state, and expand society’s perception mind-by-mind, there is no reason that in years to come we won’t see our right to exploring our minds restored in the form of civil liberty.

Congratulations America! Wherever you are, spark one up today in celebration of love!

Jun 27, 2015