These are the 10 best pipes on the planet right now


Whether you are looking for convenience, durability or a pipe that will turn heads, these are the best pipes in class.

Brittney Sanger
Mar 17, 2018
10 best pipes on the planet right now
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In a world full of pipes, from spoons to steamrollers, shopping for a new apparatus is exhausting. Sometimes, you can’t tell just from their design if they’re going to serve your lungs with the finest smoke, or how long they’ll even last. And considering there’s no set price for a pipe, you never know if you’re wasting your money until it’s too late. To eliminate the daunting search for the proper smoking device entirely, here’s a reliable list of the ten best pipes of 2018.

The Best Pipes For Beautiful Design

Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Large Steamroller

The first apparatus on our list of the best pipes of 2018 is the Marley Natural’s Large Steamroller. Although it’s technically a pipe, this steamroller is more like a bong, only without the water. It produces exceptional amounts of smoke, yet is super simple to use. Just pack your herb with care, cover up the bottom of the pipe using your finger, and spark away.

Mystique 4″ Handmade Crystal Herb Pipe

We’d be crazy not to put the extraordinary Mystique Handmade Crystal Herb Pipe on our ten best pipes of 2018 list simply because this magical device holds hidden powers. To let you in on its secret, the Crystal Herb Pipe, on top of offering a beautiful smoking experience, supposedly balances the chakras, accelerates your spiritual evolution, and strengthens your consciousness. Even better, each Crystal Herb Pipe is crafted from a different type of crystal, making your experience while using it unique from everyone else’s.


The Best Pipes For Convenience

Kleen Hit Quartz One-Hitter

For herb enthusiasts that value portability, the Kleen Hit Quartz One-Hitter is everything you could ever want and need. The Kleen Hit Quartz One-Hitter is ideal for quick hits and preserving your stash to boot, making it convenient for smokers that need a puff while out and about or merely prefer smaller sessions over larger ones. Being that it’s made of sturdy silica quartz glass, this one-hitter is surely built to last. But if you’re still worried about it breaking, then feel free to carry it around in its included protective carrying case.

Grav Labs 5″ Mini Steamroller Glass Pipe

If you enjoy steamrollers but prefer something smaller to smoke on than the one mentioned above, then the Grav Labs 5″ Mini Steamroller Glass Pipe is one of the best pipes for you. Aside from being pocket-friendly, this miniature steamroller is discreet. Despite its adorable little size, the Grav Labs Mini Steamroller Pipe features a nice size bowl capable of holding decent amounts of bud that will make even the most seasoned veteran happy.

The Best Pipes For Durability

Bud Bomb Pipe

If you’re on the quest for a pipe that’s discreet and indestructible, look no further than the Bud Bomb Pipe. This ultra-durable pipe, in particular, is not only easy to clean thanks to its four detachable pieces but also ideal for puffing on the run as it’s just the right size to toss in your pocket or handbag. More importantly, the Bud Bomb Pipe hits like a champ and delivers smoke that’s incredibly fresh and smoother than silk, making it the ideal device for daily sessions.

Prometheus Titan

From fresh flavors to a sturdy, compact body, the Prometheus Titan has a lot to offer. Available in a variety of colors, this particular pipe uses borosilicate glass and aluminum to deliver the best experience possible with your favorite herb. And with its ember blocking smoke screen, you never need to worry about unwanted material making its way into your mouth. Each sesh you have with the Prometheus Titan is clean and stress-free.

The Best Bubbler Pipes

Jane West 5.5″ Upright Bubbler

When it comes to bubbler pipes, the Jane West Upright Bubbler by Jane West and Grav is one of the best pipes of 2018, especially if you can appreciate a sophisticated and eloquent design. This bubbly apparatus is made of high-quality, gorgeous cobalt blue borosilicate glass and is as comfortable to hold as it is to hit. Bust out this beautiful babe around friends, and she’ll steal all the attention with her soft and ever-so-pleasant draws.

Mini Borosilicate Glass Bubbler

Have you ever seen a bubbler as cute as this mini borosilicate glass bubbler? We can agree that it doesn’t get much more precious or convenient than this device here, which is just one reason why we decided to include it on our list of the ten best pipes of 2018. Aside from being small and suitable for toting on-the-go, this mini borosilicate glass bubbler can stand independently thanks to its beaker base. If you accidentally sink into the couch after one too many hits of the dank, no problem. This lovely apparatus won’t tip over on you. Not without some putting forth some serious effort, anyway.

The Best Pipes For Discretion

Twister Pipe

The Twister Pipe doesn’t look like your typical bowl, which is a plus for herb aficionados searching for a device that’ll allow them to smoke on the sly. On the inside, this pipe features metal lining as well as two cooling ventilation parts. Unlike a spoon pipe, the Twister Pipe can fold with ease and keep your dry herbs securely in place inside its bowl. Whether you’re at chilling on the sofa or exploring the world, the Twister Pipe is both travel-friendly and great for at-home use.


Genius Pipe

Finally, we present to you the ingenious and innovative Genius Pipe. While the Genius Pipe operates just like your standard bowl, it also utilizes patented dimple technology to grace your lungs with cool, clean hits that are 95% free of tar, toxins, and resins. With that being said, the Genius Pipe is a real standout piece amongst other bowls on the market. Constructed of three anodized aluminum pieces, which fit together magnetically, the Genius Pipe is surprisingly durable and also a breeze to clean.



Brittney Sanger
Mar 17, 2018