Big Bang: The Perfect Indica To Chill With After A Long Day

Big Bang is truly top-shelf indica, providing a mellow and contented mental uplift and narcotic-like physical relaxation.

Dec 14, 2016

Big Bang is an extremely well-bred indica with unique effects. The aroma from this strain is one of a kind. It has a pleasant, sweet apple blossom aroma. It also provides an exceptional high. The experience is calm, uplifted, and positive with plenty of physical relaxation. Muscle tension ebbs away in a hurry, and the experience leaves you with a pleasant, contented mood and narcotic-like pain relief.

Strain details

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Big Bang is a Greenhouse Seeds creation. A lovely three-way cross between Northern Lights, Skunk, and El Nino, this indica is like taking a breath full of pure relaxation.

Northern Lights is a near pure indica strain, one of the most popular indicas available. Both Skunk and El Niño are hybrids, lightening up the heavily sedative indica effects quite a bit.

The THC levels in Big Bang are quite potent, often reaching up to 20%. However, the CBD levels in this strain are not very high, skimming just over 0.1%.

So, this strain is recommended for those who are experienced with THC and may benefit from THC therapies.

Big Bang’s aroma are heavenly. Similar to springtime fruit tree blossoms, Big Bang is sweet, floral, and apple-like in fragrance. A touch of minty, herbal coolness comes through on the exhale.

The first taste is certainly the best as far as flavor is concerned.

The Big Bang experience

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As an indica, you can expect some sedation from Big Bang. However, the hybrid heritage in the mix lightens up the physically sedative effects with a light and happy mood.

The ultimate result is a moderately functional flower that provides deeply calming physical relaxation.

Perhaps the unique feature of the strain high occurs shortly after the first taste. The beginning of the Big Bang experience is pleasant and happy.

Though you may feel slightly slowed down or drowsy, the high offers a very gentle and uplifting sense of calm and general well-being.

Winner of the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup, Big Bang can produce nearly narcotic effects. While this mellow flower might start off light and easy, you may find yourself heavy-lidded and ready for a nap as the experience winds down.

Perfect for a great afternoon or evening, pick up this strain for some serious stress relief.

Why do people use Big Bang?

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This strain would be a great choice for anyone who needs a little cheering up after a long day. While the indica sleepiness of this strain is quite potent, the overall effects are soft and easy.

This is the perfect strain for cuddling up on a day when you need a little extra TLC.

Big Bang is a high-quality medical cannabis strain. According to Greenhouse, this strain is sold in Dutch pharmacies with a prescription. Many patients use this strain to manage pain and get to sleep.

If you have trouble maintaining appetite, Big Bang can certainly help. The strain is known to cause the munchies.

Dec 14, 2016