Big Bud: The High Yield Indica That’s Perfect For Commercial Growers

Big Bud is one aptly named indica. This plant produces colas so big that they snap branches. What more could a grower want?

Dec 6, 2016

Searching for a high-yielding strain that provides reliable and pleasant indica effects? Big Bud is a true cash crop strain. It provides a classic indica experience with a subtle euphoric head high. But, it also is extremely fast-growing and has a reputation for producing giant flowers. All in all, this is a very profitable strain for commercial growers.

Strain details

Big Bud A 1 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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Big Bud is a popular indica strain among breeders, though this strain’s genetics are a bit mysterious.

Some say that the original strain was developed on the West Coast of the United States, and was later taken to Europe. However, the most common seeds on the market stem from an operation by Amsterdam’s Sensi Seeds.

The new take on Big Bud is a cross between Afghani, Northern Lights, and Skunk No. 1. While there is a little hybrid heritage in the mix, this strain is predominantly indica. The THC levels average about 20%, making this a fairly potent flower.

Big Bud’s aroma contains a lot of musk with just a tad of sweetness. Many consumers report that the skunk aromas are predominant in this strain, yet possible Afghani heritage provides some of that classic Kush sweetness. Experienced noses may be able to detect some subtle hints of fruit.

The Big Bud experience

Big Bud A 2 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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Big Bud provides a fairly classic couch-lock experience. As an indica, this strain hits fairly hard and provides an all-encompassing body high fairly soon after your first taste. In some samples, the Skunk hybrid heritage may shine through a bit more than others.

It’s not uncommon to feel a mild to moderate mental uplift and energy, thanks to the tinge of sativa genetics in this strain. However, the overall effect is physical and sedative. It’s not uncommon for consumers to find yourself heavy-lidded and spacing out after a decent dose of this strain.

If you’re hoping to avoid the munchies, this strain is not for you. Big Bud will likely make you hungry. For novice consumers or those with a low tolerance, it may be difficult to muster the enthusiasm to do much of anything with this strain.

However, heading to a restaurant or whipping up a batch of something tasty are great activities to pair with Big Bud.

Why do people use Big Bud?

Big Bud A 3 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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Big Bud is a strain for cash crop growers. True to its name, the plant produces colas so large that they snap branches. This strain is fast-growing and high-yielding, making it an excellent choice for commercial grows or those looking to get some high-quality indica medicine right quick.

Recreational consumers often pick up Big Bud for a rainy day. This strain is sleepy and subdued, meaning that you’ll want to plan some low-key activities when you partake.

If curling up and watching a movie seems like a great night, this strain will surely enhance the experience. Just make sure to have some snacks handy!

For medical cannabis patients, this strain works wonders for insomnia. An intensely relaxing flower, the effects of Big Bud lean a little narcotic. This quality makes Big Bud great for those who cannot sleep due to chronic pain or muscle tension.

Those suffering from anxiety or depression also frequently gravitate toward this strain for much-needed mood uplift and relaxation.

Dec 6, 2016