20 Biggest Cannabis Brands On Twitter (By Size Of Followers)

The cannabis industry is all too aware of the potential that social media has as a marketing tool, and some are using it to their full advantage.

Dec 6, 2016

With all the rapid advancement in technology over recent years, the Internet has truly evolved the way consumers purchase and consume goods and services. One place online that millions of people go everyday to see what is ‘trending’ and voice their opinions in short messages and photos is the social media platform Twitter. The hugely popular social platform currently has over 317 million monthly active users.

The power of Twitter

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Twitter has the power to change the way consumers view a product in just a few keystrokes. Like many other mainstream industries, the cannabis industry is all too aware of the potential that social media has as a marketing tool, and those in the industry are using it to their advantage.

Whether it is to promote their cannabis-related goods and services or just to regularly engage with the cannabis-loving audience, most are finding that Twitter is a very value tool to have for any serious cannabis business.

This Twitter activity was evident first hand at the 5th annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, with cannabis vendors and enthusiasts social sharing their experiences and discoveries.

1. Weed Tweet

Weed Tweet’s twitter account has over 1.23million followers and this following is growing every day. They cater to both smokers and non-smokers as the tagline suggests ‘Even if you don’t smoke, FOLLOW to be entertained, educated, and enlightened.’

2. High Times Magazine

High Times Magazine is a popular cannabis centered magazine. Their twitter account now entertains a 640,000 plus followers with no signs of slowing down. Tweets are updated regularly with attractive, easily understood posts. When it comes to a top influencer in the marijuana industry High Times Magazine is truly a pioneer.

3. Weed Humor

Weed Humor has got to be one of the most hilarious twitter pages you will ever come cross. Focus solely on the use of cannabis, their 543,000 plus followers have something to look forward to every day.

4. Marijuana Post

Marijuana Post is also a top player in the cannabis industry on twitter. They currently have over 495,000 followers and a very vibrant and fun twitter page.

5. MME

Known to some as THEMMEXCHANGE. MME now has a Twitter following of over 394,000. They explore all the avenues related to marijuana from myths about the product to the reasons it should be legalized. MME is good entertainment and a strong information source for marijuana lovers worldwide.

6. Tommy Chong

@tommy Chong is very spicy twitter account that features cannabis and its usage. Maybe it is memes like “Let’s get America stoned again” that keeps his 347,000 followers coming back for more. This twitter account has a very friendly feel to it has it is very personal. Many of the photos feature Tommy himself and this personalization surely keeps his followers engaged.

7. Marijuana News

The Marijuana News twitter account current has over 318, 000 followers. They offer the latest news on marijuana/cannabis related happenings and are motivated by the mission of getting marijuana legalized everywhere. Their tweets are up to date and new tweets are uploaded as often as every other hour.


The NORML twitter tagline is “providing a voice for responsible marijuana users.” They serve as advocates for the legalization of cannabis as well as the education of individuals as to the proper usage of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. NORML has over 239,000 followers.

9. Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture is one of the most influential cannabis brands, focusing not only on educating people, but also entertaining and being advocates for the legalization of cannabis. They  currently have over 206,000 followers on their Twitter account and is indeed growing rapidly.

10. Stoner Stuff Like

Stoner Stuff Like has over 190,000 followers and with good reasons. Fun and fascinating tweets with an even funny tag line, ‘The best thing to happen to WEED since Pink Floyd’.

11. Mass Roots

Mass Roots has a following of 189,000 plus. They offer meme and photos that will hold your attention as well as a bulk of information you would want to know.  They also offer suggestions of how to get the product to buy.

12. Marijuana Policy

The Marijuana Policy Project is working to end marijuana prohibition and replace it with a system in which marijuana is regulated similarly to alcohol. This is a very fun account to follow as they regularly engage with their followers. The Marijuana Policy currently has over 149,000 followers on its twitter account.

13. @THCVibes420

With over 152,000 followers, @THCVibes420 is a top influencer in the cannabis content on Twitter. Fun, entertaining post and a unique twist about the usage of marijuana.

14. howtogrowbud

@howtogrowbud has over 180,000 followers. With reliable, quality cannabis related information flowing from this page consistently on a daily basis, we do not need to ask what keeps the followers coming back.

15. Weed Maps

Weed Maps have over 67,600 followers and as the name suggests, they are the premier guide to locations where you can get access to cannabis products. They are also a great source for general cannabis related information and news updates.

16. Leafy

With a little over 56k followers, Leafy is making their way up the following broad. Their posts are fun and engaging with factsessions such as cannabis 101. This is a great twitter account to follow for those looking to be educated about cannabis.

17. Duby

Duby – weed social considers their twitter account a community and with over 52,800 followers that is a good size community to spread the love of marijuana all around. They not only focus on the recreational and medical usage but they also provide marijuana apparel in the form of Duby branded T-Shirts.

18. Weed Porn

Weed Porn has a little over 47,600 followers and this number has earned it a place on our list of the top 20 cannabis accounts on Twitter. They deliver in offering interesting and noteworthy cannabis related posts to their cannabis-loving audience.

19. Hold my blunt

Hold my blunt has some of the most engaging memes and photos on social media. They have a unique way of making a post funny but getting the point across at the same time which is just what social media needs. They have a following of 44,000 followers and no doubt that this number will be increasing over the next few months.

20. HERB

It’s us! @HERBworthy is a mixture of our articles and memes to educate and entertain you.

Dec 6, 2016