Get a taste of how creepy tech can get in the new ‘Black Mirror’ teasers

The latest installment of Black Mirror features an episode directed by Jodie Foster and a Star Trek parody starring Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons.

Dec 3, 2017
Black Mirror

A still from Black Mirror episode ‘White Bear’ Channel 4

Entering its second Netflix-produced season, and its fourth season overall, Charlie Brooker’s next round of Black Mirror episodes are almost ready to hit the very digital landscape they say will one day kill you. To get fans excited about what nightmares are to come, Netflix has released some teasers for upcoming episodes.

In an anticipated episode directed by Jodie Foster, “Arcangel” appears to follow helicopter parenting to its logical conclusion. United States of Tara’s Rosemarie DeWitt stars as a mother at her wit’s end after nearly losing her child. Resorting to a tracking implant in her kid’s brain, things go from normal bad to abnormal quickly. In the teaser to a different Black Mirror episode, “Crocodile,” actress Kiran Sonia Sawar plays a detective trying to solve a mysterious car accident. She isn’t afraid of invading people’s memories to get the job done.

This new season of Black Mirror also has episodes like “USS Callister,” a Star Trek parody starring Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons; an episode conceptualized by renowned magician Penn Jillette about pain simulations; and an episode named after The Smiths’ lyrics called “Hang the DJ.” (I’ll bet my leg that last one will be about Spotify or something.)

Brooker’s contemporary Twilight Zone has been lauded by genre greats like Stephen King while criticized by others as heavy-handed. What might be its best and most sincere episode, “San Junipero,” netted the series its first Emmy Award without resorting to murderous fidget spinners or whatever. The series—which gets its name from the sheen of inactive tablet devices—portrays dark and comedic escalations of society based on popular trends and technology. This has included dystopian episodes centered on social media, viral videos, gamification, and virtual reality. But that being said, Black Mirror’s most accurate prediction thus far is that the British Prime Minister once got intimate with Porky Pig.

Dec 3, 2017