Award-Winning Blueberry Is A Mouthwatering, Mellow Delight

Blueberry delivers relaxed and mellow effects without being over the top. Plus, it features a deliciously sweet and fruity flavor to boot.

Nov 9, 2016

Laidback, kushy, and sweet are three words commonly used to describe Blueberry. This strain is truly delightful. It provides a winning combination of calm relaxation and an upbeat mood. Blueberry has won several awards in its time, and for good reason. The mellow experience this strain provides is top-notch and it is widely sought out among cannabis fans. 

Strain details

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Blueberry (DJ Short’s Blueberry) is famous for its relaxing high and sweet taste. Though it’s considered an indica, this strain actually has hybrid genetics.

Blueberry is a cross between three landrace strains, Afghani, Purple Thai, and Thai. Sativa lineage in this strain stems from the Thai cultivars. However, the Afghani wins out and provides hefty indica sedation.

This strain has fairly moderate potency when compared to the majority of available buds nowadays. It averages around 18% THC, though this number can rise to over 24% depending on growth conditions.

Novice consumers may be able to more comfortably enjoy Blueberry if they manage to find one on the lower end of the potency spectrum.

The most notable things about Blueberry are the taste and aroma. This is a cannabis strain that doesn’t smell all that much like traditional cannabis. Rather, sweet and fruity blueberry tones shine through.

The fragrant Afghani genetics also adds some classic Kush aromas to the mix. Overall, this strain is mouthwatering and it adds sweetness to popular strains like Blue Dream.

The Blueberry experience

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Looking for a little more mellow in your life? A few tastes of Blueberry is comparable to slipping on a pair of rose-colored glasses. It’s tasty, easygoing, and moderately sedative.

It’s tasty, easygoing, and moderately sedative. The healthy combination of both indica and sativa landrace strains provides a unique hybrid experience.

Though, the body high takes heavy predominance, which is why Blueberry is classified as an indica strain.

Overall, Blueberry offers a deep physical relaxation and a general feeling of peace and contentment. The Thai heritage provides a decent dose of mood uplift and euphoria.

The effects tend to be long lasting and do not overpower the consumer, which are two excellent reasons to love this strain.

Some find Blueberry to be quite lung expensive, so watch out for a cough or two. It is also a known appetite-booster, so having some snacks on hand will make the experience even more enjoyable.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself ready for bed as the effects begin to wind down. But, this strain isn’t your classic couch-locking indica. Rather, it’s a laid-back, calm, and contented flower.

Why do people use Blueberry?

Blueberry A Sweet 3 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?
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Blueberry is an all around high-quality strain. It’s peaceful and lighthearted nature makes it great  for hanging out with friends and family.

It’s also a post-work go-to for many cannabis lovers out there. Recreational consumers searching for a relaxed and chill experience without being too sedated or too energetic will enjoy this strain.

Many medical consumers gravitate toward Blueberry for chronic stress, sleeplessness, and depression. The physical effects of Blueberry may benefit those who experience moderate to severe pain, though this strain won’t lay you out as much as an Afghan Kush or an MK Ultra.

The upbeat yet calming effects of Blueberry may also be useful for anxiety. Though, you might want to save this flower for the late afternoon or evening.

You might find yourself a little too mellow if you try this strain in the morning or during the productive parts of the day.

Nov 9, 2016