It Looks Like Cannabis Clubs Will Be Opening In Denver This Summer

Denver is racing to become the first U.S. city that will allow for cannabis clubs and public use in places that we all love.

Feb 2, 2017

In November, Denver voters showed their approval for the cannabis “social use” measure. Aside from stating that cannabis cannot be smoked indoors and that consumers must be over 21, the measure was very vague on its allowances. To overcome the grayness of the measure’s intentions, a workgroup of Denver’s business owners, cannabis enforcement officials, and naysayers assembled to suggest regulations to legislators.

Summer of cannabis clubs

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Currently, there is no deadline for Denver to finalize regulations for the social use measure. A consensus of supporters shows that it will likely be finalized and in place by summer 2017.

Initially, supporters thought they would be able to consume marijuana at bars in Denver. That is not the case. The state Liquor Control Board decreed that businesses with liquor licenses cannot allow cannabis use. This limits patrons to consuming outside of restaurants without liquor licenses, and other event spaces.

So Denverites cannot mix booze and bud under the new measure, but that’s ok. Denver offers a plethora of other haunts that are likely to host weed enthusiasts.

The city is littered with popular coffee shops, museums, and live entertainment venues. Though these establishments will not be able to sell cannabis, they will certainly provide compliments to a good weed buzz.

The opposition

DENVER STARTS WORK 2 Gelato: This Super Sweet Hybrid Is Potent, Popular And Perfectly Balanced
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With any social movement, you will encounter push back from the inevitable population of haters. Rachel O’Bryan is the opposition’s organizer, and she is concerned that local businesses will be overrun with stoners.

I am concerned that businesses won’t be able to safeguard against intoxicated patrons…If you are neither serving nor counting the potency of the product, nor counting how much they consume, how are you protecting the public when they leave your property? – O’Bryan

It is fair for the opposition to have concerns about the safe use of cannabis under the social use measure. Fortunately, Colorado recently began a series of public service announcements designed to combat these concerns.

Cannabis is engrained in Colorado culture. Those who consume would rather continue to consume than to ruin a good thing by making silly mistakes. Get your travel plans in place folks – cannabis clubs in Denver are just a few months away.

Feb 2, 2017