Cannabis Cures Cancer? This Mini-Documentary Examines The Possibility

Does cannabis really kill cancer cells? In this mini-documentary, a doctor explains how the herb causes tumor cells to die.

Oct 16, 2016

Animal and cell line studies have shown time and time again that cannabis kills cancer cells. Both THC and CBD have are potential tumor killers, yet there’s a lot of hesitation in using the herb as a cancer treatment. In this mini-documentary from Deviated Docs, a physician explains just how cannabis fights cancer, originally published by Illegally Healed.

How it works

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Cannabis may be cancer’s new arch enemy. Compounds called cannabinoids directly engage with cells in the immune system and on tumors themselves. Once these cannabinoids (chemicals like THC and CBD) connect with a cell, they trigger a cascade of effects that give the cells different directions.

THC and CBD engage cells via special sites called cannabinoid receptors. There are two primary cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2.

Oregon Optimal Health provider Dr. Kenneth J. Welker explains how cannabis uses these cell receptors to kill cancer,

The tumors, as they develop, have a lot more CB1 and primarily CB2 receptors. As the CB2 receptor activity goes up, the number of CB2 receptors go up. That activates to produce ceramides [compounds that protect the structure of a cell], so the CB2 receptor also enhances the immune system. You get more natural killer cells, what’s called a cytotoxic effect. Meaning killing the cancer cell. – Welker

Simply stated…

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A cancerous cell is a cell that has mutated and no longer responds to the normal immune signals that determine whether the cell lives or dies. Compounds in cannabis both help restore balance immune function in cancer, boosting the immune system’s ability to clean out these rogue and damaged cells.

Even more miraculous, as Dr. Welker explains,

[Cannabinoids] will kill cancer cells, but it will not cause harm to a normal cell division.

Patients like Brad Nichols have experienced the healing benefits of cannabis firsthand. Nichols was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Cannabis effectively helped him wean off prescription medications and  manage the pain associated with conventional treatments.

The doctor told me that if I survived the surgery, I might live 3 to 6 years. […] I was bedridden for 5 years after the surgery. But, thanks to medical marijuana, the RS oil specifically, the pain subsided and I am able to get out of the house and take care of business.

Watch the mini-documentary

Oct 16, 2016