These Companies Will Let You Use Weed At Work

As it turns out, there are some progressive companies out there that allow, and even encourage, employees to use cannabis while at work.

Jan 12, 2017

Being able to use cannabis at work sounds like a fairy tale to most. However, as it turns out, there are companies out there that allow it. Not only do they give the thumbs up to consuming the herb on the job, but they also encourage it. As long as the work gets done, that’s all that matters.

Getting high and getting stuff done

Until now, cannabis use in the workplace has been a huge no-no. But as the legality of weed continues to grow, some progressive companies are changing their attitudes towards the herb.

If consuming cannabis on-the-job has been a life-long dream of yours, then you are in luck. Although doctors and lawyers are still ways away from being able to use cannabis at work, more creative companies don’t mind, so long as the job gets done.

During the video by Complex News, you’ll get to see which companies are allowing their employees to consume weed while at work. In fact, these businesses even encourage it.

One company that welcomes THC inside its doors is Flowhub, a rather new software company that allows its employees to consume edibles, juices, and sodas that contain THC.

According to co-founders Kyle Sherman and Chase Wiseman, all that matters to them is that employees finish their tasks,

If it [marijuana use] helps our employees get work done, then we don’t care if they consume at work.

In addition to Flowhub, there other companies that allow weed in the workplace. Don’t forget to check out the video to learn about more pot-friendly jobs.

Jan 12, 2017