The Ultimate Challenge: $1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut

BuzzFeed’s Worth It team sample different food at different price points. Today the team gets to munch on America’s favorite breakfast treat: the donut.

Mar 18, 2017

While BuzzFeed’s Worth It has sampled a lot of different food at different price points, this time, the team gets to munch on America’s favorite breakfast treat: the donut.

$1 donut vs. $100 donut

What would you do for a donut? “Kill a man.”

OK, this video doesn’t go quite that far. But, given that one of the donuts – the high-end fried piece of dough, obviously – is worth one hundred bills, it could have been a possibility.

For the first episode of BuzzFeed’s new season of Worth It, the team – this time, Steven, Andrew and Adam (the camera and sound guy) – compare three donuts at drastically different price points.

The first is a regular glazed donut, worth just one dollar, from Blinkie’s Donut Emporium. Being almost picture perfect, most people would be happy with this donut, combined with a cup of joe.

Next up, it’s the Church Key, where the boys get to try a brown butter glazed brioche donut. The difference between the first glazed donut and this is that it is made at a restaurant, as the Church Key isn’t a donut shop. With that, it also charges a bit more (although, the process is essentially the same since it is a donut).

The final stop, where the most expensive donut will be devoured, is at Birdies (that specializes in artisanal donuts and fried chicken). Are you ready to learn what the final – and most expensive – donut is?

It’s a chocolate cake donut, which is dark chocolate dough, filled with jam and Nutella. But, what really separates this donut from the others is what it’s covered in, which won’t be spoiled. There is a reason why the final donut featured is worth a hundred bills, though.

Just try to watch this without craving a donut, ‘cause you’ll be heading out to find some, that’s for sure.

Mar 18, 2017