Strain Of The Day: Durban Poison

Have you ever tried a landrace sativa? Durban Poison is a pure South African strain that will provide you with a real energy boost.

Oct 24, 2016

Have you ever tried a landrace sativa? Durban Poison is one of the purest cannabis sativa strains available. Users can expect an energizing and invigorating high. In a way, it’s similar to a strong cup of coffee without the jitters. Rather, you’ll be ready to either get moving or sit down and get some work done. 

Strain details

Durban Poison 1 African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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Durban Poison is a landrace strain from Southern Africa. As a landrace, this pure sativa has developed unique adaptations to its particular environment.

For some reason, one of those adaptations is the increased production of lesser known cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). THCV has about 25% the psychoactivity of THC and is known to cause a rapid and intense psychoactive high.

The aroma of this old school sativa has a bit of a spicy, herbal kick. It tends to have a bit of acidity to it, and you’ll likely catch onto the citrus and pine notes with a quick sniff or dry pull off of this earthy flower. Overall, though, Durban Poison is a bit sweet.

For a landrace strain, the THC levels of Durban Poison can be quite high. Expect to find Durban buds with upwards of 20% THC. Typically, landraces tend to be less potent than modern hybrids, but that’s not the case with this one. This is one powerful flower.

The Durban Poison experience

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Perhaps thanks to higher levels of THCV in this strain, you can expect quick onset head-high from this strain. Of course, the levels of THCV will vary depending on the growing conditions. They will also be quite small when compared with other cannabinoids.

As a pure sativa, you can expect a very uplifting and energetic experience from Durban Poison. A powerful cerebral strain, you might find yourself a little more creative than normal. As a stimulating strain, don’t be surprised if you find your heart beating a little faster than normal. Durban Poison can be quite zippy.

Quite often, this strain starts with a bit of tingling in the sinuses and forehead region. It’s also common to feel some pleasant pressure in the ears. These are classic trademarks of a pure sativa, so trying a little Durban is a great way get a frame of reference for more contemporary strains.

Why do people use Durban Poison?

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Durban Poison is a strain for getting things done. If you need to work fast, this strain will help you remain focused and alert for about three hours or so.

At the same time, Durban Poison isn’t associated as much with the anxious paranoia caused by many of the popular sativas on dispensary shelves. You’ll likely be able to relax enough to put your nose to the grindstone.

The focus from this strain makes it a great choice for those with ADD/ADHD. It may also be helpful in patients with depression, who struggle to maintain concentrated energy throughout the day. Not to mention, the uplifting and spirited effects from Durban Poison will help lift away the blues.

Since this strain provides so much of a head-focused experience, tension headaches, sinus pain, and migraines tend to melt away after a few tastes of Durban. Similar benefits can be found for those who experience uncomfortable eye pressure.

Overall, Durban Poison is a lively and energetic strain with a pleasant and creative vibe. It’s not as intensely euphoric as hybridized sativas on the market, but it provides an all around clear-headed and sharp experience that’s quite enjoyable.

Oct 24, 2016