History Has Been Made: The world’s first ever BMX quadruple backflip has finally been done. This video is epic.

This is the first time ever in history that a BMX rider landed a quadruple backflip. Watch this epic video to see how big of a deal this is. So incredible!

Jul 13, 2015

Jed Milton will go down in history as the first BMX rider to have ever landed a quadruple backflip.

A quad backflip has been something many BMX riders have risked trying for several years, and many have had incredibly painful injuries as a result. You will see some of those cringeworthy falls in this video.

However, what’s even more incredible to know is that Jed Milton was the first to land a triple backflip over four years ago as well.

Check out this incredible and epic video from Nitro Circus, and see the historic trick for yourself! Congratulations, Jed!

Jul 13, 2015