Flowerbomb Kush: A Mind-Bending Indica That Promotes Creativity


Flowerbomb Kush from Green House Seeds Co. is an award-winning indica hybrid strain with heavy-handed, but sociable and creative, effects.

Jan 5, 2017

Flowerbomb Kush is a craft strain with some heavy-hitting potential. This unique indica provides the perfect balance between upbeat, creative mental stimulation and a deeply calming experience for the body and mind. An award-winning bud, this strain impresses even the toughest of judges with its powerful and mind-bending nature.

Strain details

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Flowerbomb Kush is a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid bred by Green House Seed Co. This cross between Green Crack (sativa) and OG Kush (hybrid) is an award-winning flower.

This strain took home the best overall strain High Times cannabis cup in 2012, and 2nd Best Coffeeshop strain in 2013.

Featuring a THC content of up to 19% on average, Flowerbomb Kush is a potent strain recommended for experienced consumers. While it is not the strongest strain on the shelf, the unique hybrid experience this bud provides makes it a truly top-shelf herb.

Flowerbomb Kush would make for tasty, enjoyable, and potent concentrates.

The aroma of Flowerbomb Kush is an interesting mix of floral, woody, and citrus fragrances. The taste has a strong earth quality with slight hints of spice and sweetness.

If smoking cannabis, this strain is one that deserves a dry pull. Craft growers will appreciate this strain’s large calyxes and dense bud structure.

The Flowerbomb Kush experience

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While indica-dominant, this strain has some potent sativa effects. The flower promotes a calm, mellow body ease and a soaring cerebral high. In large doses, this strain may seem nearly psychedelic, especially in novice consumers.

The mental effects of Flowerbomb Kush include a focused and creative high that can fill your mind with new ideas and help you get things done.

Like most strains, the effects begin to fully take shape 15 minutes after consuming. However, this strain tends to be fast-acting and a subtle mental energy tends to present itself first.

Slower body effects kick in soon thereafter, creating a very pleasant feeling of head-to-toe relaxation.

Flowerbomb Kush is thought to be an all-day strain for indica-experienced consumers. However, it may be best to save this one for the afternoon or evening, as it can make you a little sleepy. This is especially as the experience winds down.

Those looking for a long-lasting flower will appreciate Flowerbomb Kush. Expect two to three hours of active time with this resinous flower.

Why do people use Flowerbomb Kush?

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Recreationally, this is an excellent strain for a laid-back gathering with some cannabis-experienced friends and family. The perfect coffee shop selection, Flowerbomb Kush encourages an all-around chill experience.

Pick up this herb while reading with spot of tea or having an interesting conversation with a companion.

Medical cannabis patients often rate this strain highly among mental health conditions. Those with depression and anxiety often report relief with Flowerbomb Kush. The mental experience this strain provides is happy and uplifting.

Yet, at the same time, it is more subdued than racy. Flowerbomb Kush may also be useful for easing symptoms of ADD/ADHD, due to its ability to promote focus and concentration.

Thanks to this herb’s indica heritage, muscle spasms, tension, and pain are also common uses for Flowerbomb Kush.

The potent plant may even be strong enough to help patients with spasms and pain get caught up on sleep. Those with insomnia may find this strain helpful as well.

Jan 5, 2017