Funniest News Bloopers, F*ck Ups And Live TV Moments

If you want to be entertained and laugh to the fullest extent, then you definitely need to watch these funniest news bloopers and f*ck ups!

Sep 12, 2015

When it comes to humor, everyone gets a kick out of the funniest news bloopers, f*ck ups, and live TV moments that were never scripted. Whether it was a news reporter falling, getting harassed by someone, getting hit with something, accidentally swearing, etc. you can always be guaranteed a nice chuckle (at least).

So, enjoy some of the funniest news bloopers and live TV moments that you may have missed! Be sure to watch both videos below if you want extra laughter!

You can also have a lot of laughs with this lengthy one!

Sep 12, 2015