Grandparents Get High and Listen to Trap Music

Watch this hilarious and amusing social experiment as these grandparents get high and listen to trap music for the first time.

Sep 20, 2015

Jimmy, Doug, and Deborah are grandparents who became hilarious subjects in a social experiment. After these grandparents get high from a few rips of the one-hitter, they are introduced to the world of trap music. Although a lot of people are not fans of trap music, it is nonetheless an amusing video and makes it that much more amusing.

We wish it was a bit longer and showed some more cannabis smoking. Regardless, it is still an entertaining video that is a very unique social experiment to begin with. Once the grandparents get high and get introduced to trap music, their interpretations of the artists, lyrics, and overall music is funny.

What songs were chosen by Mac Lethal you may ask?

1. “Flex” – Rich Homie Quan

2. “Used To” – 2Chainz

3. “Trap Queen” – Fetty Wap

Chances are, there are a fair amount of our audience who hates the music, but that’s not the point. Even if you hate the music, it should be more of a reason why you find this video amusing as we mentioned before.

The best part is the ending with Doug when he gives an interpretation of the “1738” part in the huge Fetty Wap single. Absolutely priceless, but we doubt Fetty Wap knows anything about that. Enjoy below!

Sep 20, 2015