HILARIOUS: Guy On Price Is Right Keeps Bidding 420

The best part is that he acts like he’s going to bid something else, and then continues to bid 420. Bob Barker and the crowd loves it!

Aug 19, 2015

It seems like this was the moment that this man waited for: to have his name called on the Price Is Right. However, that’s not just what he waited for. As you can see, this man purposely placed a $420 bid on every single item that was put up for showcasing.

The best part is that he pretends like he is thinking of a different number, but always ends up saying 420 just for the sake of saying 420. We wish we could’ve been right there cheering this man on.

The worst part is the end when he really could’ve been brought up for the wheel, but the woman next to him pulled the brutal move of bidding $421 and winning. Absolutely heartbreaking.

We need someone to step up and do this again! It’s been too long!

(Photo courtesy of Inquisitr)

Aug 19, 2015