Will Ricky Meet His Match In “Trailer Park Boys”?

Snoop Dogg interviewed the guys from the “Trailer Park Boys” on his GGN Network and then got on the show. Yeah, he did. He will be in an episode during Season 10 which will air March 28th on Netflix.

Mar 24, 2016

If you’ve ever seen the show “Trailer Park Boys” then you know it’s a Canadian “mockumentary” style television series. It’s been around since 2001, but this upcoming season is special because they’re going to have several celebrity guests like Tom Arnold (for example), but, more importantly, Snoop Dogg! The three stars of the show, Ricky, Bubbles and Julian, never even broke character when they were guests on Snoop Dogg’s “GGN Hood News,” his show and channel on YouTube.

The GGN network

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Snoop, who has a nickname on his show, Finding Nemo aka Nemo Hoes, which means… anyway., it’s a very entertaining show where Snoop is smoking a blunt the whole time. Snoop just says one crazy thing after the other. For example, instead of saying ladies and gentlemen he says “pimps and playas of all ages.” In the show Snoop usually takes a break for a weekly weather update with an attractive female model wearing a bathing suit. The show’s really not for any viewers under the age of 18, but that’s a given ain’t it?

How Snoop got on “Trailer Park Boys”

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On one episode Snoop interviews the characters Ricky, Bubbles, Julian and Randy. Rob Wells, who plays Ricky, says, “You gotta come hang out at our trailer park.” Snoop is interested right away and replies, “I’d like to spend a couple of days in the Trailer Park (puffs on blunt) to really get a feel of what goes on in the park… I grew up in the hood and the hood is so… reminiscent of the trailer park… everybody’s about each other.” Snoop’s remarks are touching really.

The teasers for “Trailer Park Boys” season 10

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If you check out the series called “Trailer Park Boys on Set Season 10 Behind the Scenes” you’ll laugh your butt off and also hear about this Snoop Dogg episode coming up. In the behind the scenes episode called “Sushi Bobs” Ricky believes he smoked Snoop under the table when he was on set. He’s confronted by both Bubbles and Julian about this claim. Ricky finally relents; “How does he smoke so much?… It’s not cool. I wanted to be the guy who can out smoke anybody.” Then Ricky claims if it was hash he could definitely out smoke Snoop.

The Next Episode

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Snoop Dogg made quite an entrance when he showed up in Nova Scotia, Canada to film “his” episode. He arrived in a low rider and his entourage spilled out of it like a clown car with pot smoke going everywhere as they got out. Watch him roll up in the teaser below.

You know, personally I just can’t wait for “Trailer Park Boys S10” to air on Netflix March 28, 2016. Did you know Netflix already has a Season 11 in the works? If you’re looking forward to all this then say something on social media or in the comments below.

Mar 24, 2016