Watch: Drunk Vs. Stoned, Who Will Win The High Guys Pizza Challenge?

The High Guys set out to take on an epic, 200-slice, pizza challenge, facing off against a team of drunk opponents.

May 3, 2016

The High Guys, a new video series from Buzzfeed, showcases a group of people who seek out and complete a variety of exciting experiences, all while enjoying the effects of cannabis. The mini-episodes, while very funny, also highlight the many ways adventures and challenges are enhanced with herb.

In this week’s video, The High Guys take on a pizza challenge, facing off against a team of intoxicated opponents. Three members of Team Stoned struggle to devour more pizza than the three members of Team Drunk

The pizza challenge

California is home to Big Mama and Papa’s Pizzeria, a restaurant known for its larger-than-life pizza pie, the Giant Sicilian. This mammoth creation is over 20 square feet, has over 200 pieces and was recognized by Guinness World Records in 2012 as the largest delivered pizza in the world. If up to seven brave souls can finish the pizza in just one hour, they’ll walk away with $1,000.

Each team began the challenge with a different strategy. The Drunk team’s idea was simple; “eat more pizza than the other person.” The Stoned team, however, had a more methodical plan in mind. “We’re going to be slow and steady,” Stoned member, Emma Kennedy said. “Because we don’t want to choke on the cheesey-cheese.”

Who’s the real winner here?

As the insane creation is carried out to the table by two grown men, the contestants quickly realize, whatever they’d envisioned the pizza looking like paled in comparison to the real thing. Gasps and expressions of awe are let out, as the 54” by 54” pie is placed in front of the two teams of three.

“What have I gotten myself into?” – Matt Harbart, Team Drunk member

Halfway through the competition, Team Drunk had eaten nearly nine slices per member and carried on vigorously. Team Stoned, however, had reached their fill and were nearly ready to wave the white flag. In the end, Team Drunk dominated the pizza challenge, inhaling an insane 57 slices in just one hour. Team Stoned wasn’t too far behind, eating a respectable 46.

Team Stoned was disappointed in the loss, but believes one thing; “drinking might be better for eating pizza, but smoking is definitely better for friendship.”

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May 3, 2016