How to Become A Budtender

With the industry in its fastest rate of acceleration, it’s a good time to get involved in the industry. We look at how to become a budtender.

Nov 9, 2015

So you would like to become a budtender? With the industry in its fastest rate of acceleration, it’s a good time to get involved. The marijuana industry is booming and with more states legalizing it within their borders, more medical marijuana dispensaries are popping up all over the USA.

It´s not always easy to get your foot in the door of a booming industry because naturally there is a lot of competition. However, if you are passionate and you use the following tips, there is no reason why you shouldn´t be able to work the medical marijuana bar at a dispensary!

What is a budtender?

A budtender is the first person that someone sees when they enter a medical marijuana dispensary. The budtender knows all the strains, what they do, and can give recommendations to patients. They are compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in the area of medical marijuana.

1. Know what you are going to be selling
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This is the most important thing to do if you want to become a budtender. You have to know all about medical marijuana strains, their effects, what they are good for treating among other things. The kinds of questions your customers are going to ask you range anywhere from how the product was made to what competitor´s prices are on the same product.

Spend some time with some essential growing reading material to get yourself up to date with everything to do with the medicinal marijuana plant.

Before you go to an interview, get a menu from the dispensary and familiarize yourself with what products they sell there. That way, your knowledge can be well up to date before you walk into an interview. This knowledge also includes new trends like shatter and wax. You must know all about these too!

Being knowledgeable makes you stand out from other candidates, so learn as much as you can and don´t be afraid to show off in your interview.

2. Visit some dispensaries and ask some questions
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If there is a specific dispensary you have in mind that you would like to work at, pay them a visit. You can feel free to ask the budtender questions about how they found themselves in that position. You might ask them how they got the job there and where they learned everything they needed to know for their position. You can even feel free to ask them for some advice before applying for jobs.

While you are doing some research around dispensaries and speaking to budtenders, take note that they are the ones forming relationships with the patients. You might want to ask them some questions about this, as they are likely the only person that a patient remembers after leaving a dispensary.

3. Go to marijuana conventions and start networking
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There are over 100 marijuana conventions a year worldwide, and most of them are in the USA and Europe. Find out which conventions are near you and when, and pay a visit. This isn´t just a great way to find out about new products and new strains. It is a great chance to meet other people in the industry and begin your networking.

Networking is the best way to get your foot in the door in any industry because the more people you know the easier it is. So put yourself out there, meet some people and start making some connections!

4. Don´t sign up for any budtender qualifications just yet
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There are some companies out there offering qualifications for people wanting to be budtenders. Because the industry is still flourishing and new, it might be a good idea to wait a little while before enrolling in bud tending school.

You could ask some other dispensary budtenders out there where they received their qualification, if any, but better courses will emerge in the future. It is better to wait for the time being, as it is probably less likely that employers will be requiring qualifications.

5. If you aren´t ready to be a budtender, you can be a cashier

If you feel like it might be a bit early for you to be a budtender, that is okay. You don´t have to give up working in the industry all together. You can work as a cashier. A cashier works side by side a budtender, dealing with the money, but able to observe all customer interactions. This is also a great way to spend some time in the industry and work your way up to being a budtender.

Should you get high before the interview?
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This is an important question, because it´s something to consider if you are really serious about applying. Of course, this is a medical marijuana dispensary, meaning that there needs to be some respect for the use of medical marijuana. Obviously there’s no shame in using recreationally, but the purpose of a dispensary is medical marijuana for patients. You should be sensitive to those things.

It might be really nice if you were the only candidate who showed up to the interview with clear eyes. That could be the thing that makes you stick out from the rest of the candidates. It´s probably better to be sober for your interview so that you can be clear eyed and alert. And so that short term memory loss doesn´t kick in during the interview.

Best of luck, future budtenders!

Nov 9, 2015