Mosaic Maker: You Can Now Build Your Own Face Out Of Lego

You can make just about anything using Legos. And now, you can even build yourself with this nifty mosaic maker. Watch this video to see the magic happen!

Feb 25, 2017

Lego is awesome. Not only does it encourage kids to be creative, but they also unleash your inner child as an adult. Of course, you can make just about anything with these tiny brick toys. And now, you can even build yourself. That’s right; there is a nifty Lego booth, the Mosaic Maker, that scans your face and turns it into a custom kit. See how the magic happens in the video below.

Mosaic Maker

If you secretly desire to make yourself out of Lego, then prepare to celebrate. Now, there is a machine in London that will make your dreams come true.

The “Mosiac Maker” is like a photo booth and Lego vending machine all in one. For roughly $125, it will scan your face, turn the image into a five-color poster, and spit out your very own set of bricks to recreate yourself.

The portrait kit comes pre-boxed with 4,502 pieces. However, you’ll only need 2,304 of them to assemble your Lego portrait.

As can be seen, the device is quite intelligent. Although the image is a simple and pixelated, it still helps you accurately recreate yourself, which pretty sweet.

And what better home for such a machine than the world’s largest Lego store in London’s Leicester Square? In fact, there are two stories full of Legos at this place.

This relatively new location has a life-size London Underground train car made of 637,903 bricks. Also, there’s a 20-foot replica of Big Ben that took 2,280 hours to build.

Unfortunately, the Mosiac Maker is only available at this particular store. However, no one is stopping you from planning a trip.

After all, how cool would a Lego selfie be as a profile picture? Please note, though, that you only get three tries to perfect your image.

Feb 25, 2017