Lemon Haze: The Heavy-Hitting Sativa With Sky High THC

Love sativas? Lemon Haze is a heavy-hitting bud with a deliciously sweet aroma and high THC content that’s perfect for the weekend.

Jun 13, 2017

In search of a heavy-hitting sativa with an upbeat attitude? Look no further than Lemon Haze. Deliciously sweet and fragrant, Lemon Haze is the perfect strain for a canna-curious chef. Though, smoking and vaporizing this bud will not disappoint. Fast-acting and cerebral, this strain provides a substantial mental high and is sure to bring a big smile to your face. Here’s why this is your perfect daytime bud.

Strain details

The Lemon Haze strain is a cross between two classic and well-known strains, Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze. Both parents are energetic sativas with strong cerebral qualities. Silver Haze has even gone on to parent the even more legendary Super Silver Haze. Lemon Haze, a half-sibling to the famous Super Silver, has a reputation for inspiring uplifting and euphoric effects.

Like many sativa hybrids, the THC levels can get quite high, often featuring between 17 and 25 percent of the psychoactive, making it quite potent. For sativa-curious novices, a general rule of thumb is to stick to buds with THC lower than 15 percent. For experienced consumers, however, Lemon Haze provides a happy, buzzing high all around.

As the name might suggest, Lemon Haze has a delightful lemon-citrus aroma. Sweet and fragrant, this strain would be an excellent choice for edible desserts. Like most cannabis flowers, a gentle earthiness tends to provide an herbal taste. Some even describe the flower as tangy or sharp.

The Lemon Haze experience

Lemon Haze A 1 Marijuana Moms Are Sick Of Being Judged By Alcohol Drinkers
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For those familiar with cannabis, the Lemon Haze experience is often described as euphoric and sociable. Conversation comes easy with this cheery bud, and you’ll likely find yourself laughing. While upbeat and pleasant, this bud also has a reputation for leaning a bit toward the psychedelic side.

In micro and moderate doses, Lemon Haze is silly, relaxing, and just plain happy. In higher doses, this strain can cause some paranoia and dizziness. The higher the THC content of the sample, the more euphoric and cerebral it is likely to get. Thoughtful and engaging, this strain is perfect for daytime activities.

Those in search of a great wake n’ bake bud will find a friend with this strain. This strain promotes wakefulness and stimulates appetite, making it the perfect breakfast strain. However, the powerful effects of this bud shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even experienced consumers may want to keep it light before any work obligations.

Why do people use Lemon Haze?

Lemon Haze A 2 Marijuana Moms Are Sick Of Being Judged By Alcohol Drinkers
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In fact, this bud may be best saved for the weekend. The Lemon Haze strain makes for an amazing tag-along for just about any social outing. As long as you keep things light, Lemon Haze is friendly and popular, making this bud an excellent one to share. The lemony taste and heavy hitting effects make it a very impressive flower.

Medical consumers often pick up this bud for a variety of different conditions. Headache and migraine sufferers tend to appreciate the head-centered effects of this delicious flower. Though, depression, chronic stress, and fatigue are perhaps the most common reasons for choosing this strain.

Lemon Haze is thought to provide moderate daytime pain relief, which could be beneficial for those with inflammatory conditions. Patients who struggle to maintain appetite will likely also appreciate the high-THC in this flower. Lemon Haze is thought to be helpful with nausea as well.

Jun 13, 2017