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Silver Haze Weed; Silver Haze Cannabis Strain; Silver Haze Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Silver Haze Marijuana Strain

20% THC 0% CBD

Silver Haze is a vibrant Hybrid marijuana strain. Perfect for a night out or a creative project, this strain will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling focused and uplifted.

Silver Haze Weed; Silver Haze Cannabis Strain; Silver Haze Hybrid Marijuana Strain


Creative, Euphoria, Focused, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifting


Depression, Headaches, Insomnia, Pain, PMS, PTSD, Stress


Citrus, Earthy, Pungent, Sweet, Woody

Silver Haze is an energizing Sativa-dominant Hybrid. A little Indica in the mix prevents this strain from getting too racy. The result is a creative, happy high that’s perfect for getting things done.


Silver Haze Experience

Silver Haze is a cross between Haze and Northern Lights. It was first bred by the renowned Sensi Seeds and it’s quickly become a favorite around the United States.

This cannabis strain is an energizing Sativa that’s been calmed down a bit by Indica heritage. Fast-acting, Silver Haze provides a powerful euphoria just minutes after consumption. It tends to promote attention and creativity, giving marijuana consumers a quality cerebral experience.

Excellent for morning use, this strain will fill marijuana enthusiasts with wonder and inspire a happy, positive perception of the world. Cannabis consumers can expect a smile on their faces as they glide about their day in a blissful haze.

Recreational marijuana consumers will love the artistic side of this strain. It’s also a great choice for a night out on the town.


Traits of Silver Haze and Silver Haze Seeds

Marijuana enthusiasts will immediately notice the silvery sparkle of these pepper-shaped nugs. Coated with a thick layer of crystal trichomes, it’s clear from the onset that this strain offers a racy, THC heavy high.

Underneath this glistening jacket lay neon green leaves and a number of orange pistils.

Fans of Haze strains will recognize the earthy, citrus flavors and aromas of this racy SativaThe exhale reveals a more complex profile that includes sweet pine and woody flavors that can cling to the palate.


Medical Benefits of Silver Haze

Medical marijuana patients looking for a more lively remedy may have found just what they are looking for in this bright Sativa-dominant strain.

  • Medical cannabis consumers often appreciate the high THC content of this herb. Expect the herb to contain 20 to 24% of the psychoactive
  • Tension and stress float away, as do cramps and moodiness associated with PMS
  • If you struggle with appetite, Silver Haze will kickstart your hunger hormones without leaving you stuck on the couch

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