Bong Appetit: How To Make A Bong Out Of McDonald’s

Set your fast food dial to chill, and turn your McDonald’s into your very own McBong.

Oct 18, 2016

Are you looking to make the most out of your McDonald’s? You can turn your entire meal into a smoking device… a McBong! Although it’s not the ideal way to consume cannabis, it certainly is innovative. And with the help of the video by Tym Bussanich below, you will have your very own calorie-packed bong in no time.

The Mc Bong

Why eat your meal when you can turn it into your very own bong? The process is a bit messy, but if you’re looking for something to do, you can make a McBong.

The essentials include a soda cup with a top, a medium fries, one straw, two pieces of chewed gum, three single cheeseburgers, a shot glass, and aluminum foil.

First, cut a small hole in the middle of your soda cup to put your straw through, then secure the straw and cup with a piece of chewed gum. Your straw should be facing upward at an angle.

Second, fill the cup up with fries, because..well..who knows. Next, cut a medium size hole into the drink top and place it back on the cup.

Then, take your shot glass, turn it upside down, and smash it into one of your cheeseburgers so that you pull out a mini-size burger inside of the glass. The hold in the cheeseburger should be about the same size as the one in your cup top.

Third, place the burger with the hole in the middle on top of the drink lid. Then, create holes in the other burgers and put them on top as well. Finally, wrap aluminum foil around the top of the straw to create a bowl for your green. Slide it off, then connect it to the straw using the other piece of chewed gum.

After lighting up and saying a quick ba-da-ba-ba-ba (just because), it’s time to enjoy your very own McBong! Check out the video below for further instructions. Bong Appetit!

Oct 18, 2016