Meet The Grandparents Smoking Marijuana

With seniors making up the fastest growing group to take up pot, it’s no secret that grandparents enjoy their marijuana. Here’s why!

Jul 28, 2015

It’s no secret that older folks enjoy their marijuana.

These three grandmas smoking for the first time is a fine example of the glee the older generation is finding in cannabis legalization. They are even becoming industry leaders: Nonna Marijuana, 91-years-old, is known as the Queen of Weed Cuisine.

While they may struggle with the latest tech (such as this grandpa who tries to smoke a bowl like a crack pipe), the numbers coming to cannabis are increasing:

“Seniors are the fastest growing group taking up pot.”

When you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. What do they have to lose? Who are the ones with the free time? One grandma in Australia reflects these sentiments perfectly; when told that she could be arrested for smoking, she laughs:

“Oh, come and get me. That bullshit!”

It’s not just enjoyment — there’s a practical need that many people approaching the end of their lives share: pain relief.

“I don’t believe in drugs, but then I’ve also never been someone who’s suffered from pain. Marijuana kept me alive.”

Give the grandparents the ganja, they deserve it!

Jul 28, 2015