Nick Diaz Just Gave The Dopest Interview Ever

Watch this interview with Nick Diaz to hear why he is the face of cannabis, and what Nate was really smoking after his UFC 202 fight.

Dec 3, 2016

If you haven’t listened to anything good all day, you’re about to. During a fantastic interview with Nick Diaz on The Jasta Show, the athlete discusses weed, of course. Although the interview is less than five minutes, it’s denser than a sticky nug of bud. Not only does Diaz think you’re limiting yourself to die when you don’t smoke weed, but he also admits that it wasn’t CBD oil that Nate was hitting after his UFC 202 fight with Conor McGregor. Hear all the juicy details in the clip below.

Nick Diaz talks CBD oil, being the face of weed, and post-fight testing in an epic interview

During an interview on The Jasta Show, Nick Diaz smashes the stigma of cannabis users right in the throat. In just under five minutes, you’ll hear one of the most epic interviews ever.

In addition to discussing a possible podcast, Diaz says he is the face of weed,

I am the number one athletic stoner besides Michael Phelps.

Speaking of pot, Nick also talks about how cannabis a performance-enhancing drug. Moreover, how smoking weed helps him fight better and even feel better after fighting.

Furthermore, he discusses the limitations of not smoking weed and how people who choose not to lack perspective.

Aside from talking limitations of not consuming cannabis, Diaz also chats about post-fight drug testing and the possibility of creating his own CBD strain.

The dopest part of the interview, in particular, is when Diaz brings up his brother Nate. Not only does he drop the bomb that Nate wasn’t actually smoking CBD after his UFC 202 fight, but he also admits that it was straight up kush he smoked with Conor McGregor.

Don’t forget to check out the clip below to hear Diaz talk weed conventions, rants on social media and more sticky topics.

Dec 3, 2016