Watch This Street Artist Turn A Wall Into A Masterpiece In Just Two Days

Paper Frank, Atlanta’s hottest emerging street artist has overcome color blindness and challenged to create a mural on a boring city wall in just two days.

Aug 14, 2017

As one of Atlanta’s hottest emerging street artists, Paper Frank is one the rise, which is why Brisk asked him to take his unique perspective and alter a mundane wall in the city.

Paper Frank and the wall

In “The Project,” the second episode of That’s Brisk, you’ll see the techniques and processes that Frank uses to create the mural on the large city wall – all in just two days.

For this mural, Atlanta street artist Paper Frank chose to paint a giant, holographic tiger, “trying to clap a butterfly off his nose.” Obviously, his art carries a lot of meaning for Frank, since he came from a rough place.

It sounds so cliché, but just to see a flower grow out of a crack in the cement is just crazy to me. I did come from a rough place, so it’s like we’re the same thing. Everything doesn’t have to be sugarcoated. Like, it’s still a pretty flower, it’s just got some teeth – that makes it not pretty?

The video not only gives insight to the artist but also the techniques that he uses. First, Frank puts the black down, then he does the color on top of that, so whatever’s on the outside is the outline. That technique means Frank doesn’t have to go back over it. “But it looks like a brush painting when you do it like that.”

If you really look at the mural, it looks like a whole bunch of ovals, like this, like I just did this on every part, then when you stand across the street, it looks crazy. But Frank never steps back. “I just stay on it.

And, as you’ll see, the results are amazing.

Aug 14, 2017