A Drone Made Entirely Out Of Pizza Takes Flight

It’s the latest stunt from Spanish drone company deDrones.

May 24, 2018
A Drone Made Entirely Out Of Pizza Successfully Takes Flight

Photo courtesy of DeDrones via Youtube

Some say it was the first thing bought online. Some are pushing it to be the forerunner for commercial, self-driving automobiles. Wherever technology seems to take us, it always feels like pizza is already there waiting. Hoping to keep the tradition of future-pizza going, a group of YouTube drone enthusiasts decided to bake themselves a homemade quadcopter and cover it in cheese and toppings before going to the park to see if it would fly.

Based out of Spain, deDrones have found their YouTube niche by building inexplicable drones, from Halloween sheet ghost drones to fully functioning TIE Fighters made entirely out of garbage. For their newest stunt, deDrones decided to make a mostly edible pizza drone that could take to the skies.

A fairly high tech slice, deDrones can direct their tasty toy with lightweight motors, multiple cameras and a transmitter to control the whole craft using VR goggles. The frame is made out of store bought superfine flour and water, topped with olives, chorizo and Romano cheese. The crust was thick enough to drill a screw through without losing integrity. So obviously it wasn’t a thin crust or Neapolitan style pizza.

When deDrones took their pizza craft to the park, they were surprised to discover it worked. It was only during an attempt to do a barrel roll that the crust gave way, and the whole pizza drone fell to pieces. Even though they couldn’t recover the wreckage from the crash site within the five-second rule, the pilots decide to be a good sport and eat it anyways.

May 24, 2018