Guy hits a fat blunt still dressed in his police uniform

In Colorado, an alleged police officer was seen hauling from a backwood like a boss.

Dec 1, 2017

Under marijuana prohibition and the war on drugs, “Fuck the Police” has become a common anthem among marijuana enthusiasts everywhere. So it’s easy to forget that law enforcement officers are people too, and some of those people are actually pretty nice—in fact, dare I say, they might even make good smoking partners.

One alleged police officer in Colorado, eager to demonstrate this, was caught on film smoking what appears to be a fat blunt with a young man on the street.

On November 6th, 2012, Colorado officially passed Amendment 64, legalizing the use of recreational marijuana for adults 21 and over. Alongside Washington, Colorado became the first state in the country to do so. But smoking in public remains illegal. Smoking in public while in a police uniform, and on active duty, is definitely illegal. And yet, after years of divisive marijuana policy tearing at the seams of relationships between communities and their law enforcement officers, what better way to heal these past wounds than over a blunt? (I can think of a few major policy decisions, but that’s beside the point.)

The funniest part of the video isn’t the fact that the police officer is smoking a blunt, but his enthusiasm in doing so. “Alright, we out here man. You know we do it.” He says while puffing on the blunt, smoke billowing from his mouth. “Cookin’ motherfuckers out here man. Cookies baby!”  He says.

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Photo via Facebook/Marijuana

This isn’t the first time an alleged Colorado police officer has been caught smoking weed on camera, either (although there are those who claim that this man was simply an extra on a movie set). In another video, two alleged Colorado police officers are seen smoking what appears to be a joint during a street festival. The one man is smoking a joint while in the driver’s seat of (what appears to be) a police cruiser, who passes it to another uniformed-man standing outside the car.

“Alright let me get a hit on that thing with you.” He says. “That’s some good shit!” He then says, lungs still full of smoke.

Multiple videos and photos in which police officers appear to be smoking marijuana have surfaced since states like Colorado legalized recreational weed. “My gut feeling is that it is a private security guard,” said one police officer to The Cannabist for an investigation into a well-circulated photo of a girl smoking a joint in what appears to be the front seat of a police cruiser. It’s possible that this is the case with the two alleged police officers smoking a joint out of (what appears to be) a police cruiser. After all, the badge on the second man’s chest does not look to be the sheriff’s star that Colorado police officers wear. They’re also dressed in black, opposed to the typical blue shirt common to Colorado police.

In the first video, however, the officer—the one proclaiming “Cookies baby!”—is wearing a blue shirt, sheriff’s star, shoulder patches, and other telltale signs of an official Colorado police uniform. We can’t know for sure. But in terms of marijuana, if blunts are the only “motherfuckers” that Colorado police are “cookin,” I’d say this video represents one small step for a Colorado cop, and one giant leap for U.S. law enforcement. “Cookies, baby” indeed.

Dec 1, 2017