This Man Is Protesting Naked Until Cops Return His Bong And Weed

When the man takes your bong and weed, there’s only one thing left to do: Take it to the streets and protest. While naked, no less.

Sep 9, 2017

When the authorities took his bong and medical cannabis, one man from Southern Ontario fell back on some protesting, which also included some partial nudity.

What do we want?

That’s right, wearing nothing but sneakers, socks and a pair of underpants, Jeffrey Shaver has been protesting outside the Kitchener, Ontario courthouse and various police stations for two weeks – all while smoking a bong, too.

As it’s a protest, the 31-year-old also has some placards, which includes one that reads “Return My Bong” and another that reads “Return My Marijuana.”

Mr. Shaver is said to be a registered medical user who smokes pot to treat anxiety, depression and back pain. He was still arrested and had two grams of his weed and a bong seized by police by Waterloo regional police for possession, last October.

The police aren’t really familiar with the law, but they are charging you under it anyway. – Shaver

He initially started smoking a bong – albeit, while fully clothed – outside police stations in the area, a few days after the arrest. Then, he took his protest to the regional courthouse in Kitchener, as well as the police station nearby.

I’ve been at the courthouse for the past four months or so, protesting – of course with clothes on – in the smoking section. My case hadn’t been getting traction.

That’s when he decided to strip down to his underwear to bring more attention to his case.

“One of the good things about getting this attention is a lot of other medical marijuana patients have gotten a hold of me,” Shaver said, continuing that some of them are planning a group protest soon.

When do we want it?

Along with protesting, Shaver has also filed a complaint about his arrest with the Officer of the Independent Police Review Director, which oversees complaints about police in Ontario.

In response, Waterloo regional police said in a statement that they are reviewing the circumstances of Shaver’s claim, and have received the registered complaint from the OIPRD.

The services will connect with Mr. Shaver upon conclusion of the review in an attempt to address his concerns and resolve the issue. We appreciate Mr. Shaver’s frustrations and want to assure him that his concerns are being looked at and will be addressed. – Inspector Mike Haffner

In the meantime, Shaver will continue his naked and elevated protests until he gets his bong and weed back.

I seem to be known for it now, so I don’t know, I may have to keep up appearances. I think so far I’m going to go with it and see how far it goes.

Sep 9, 2017