How To Roll A Joint That Lights Itself

You’ll never be able to roll a manual lighting joint again!

Jan 25, 2016

I’ve never been good at rolling joints or anything for that matter. You’ll never see me rolling tobacco for fun, but if you are into it then check this video out. It’s called “How To Roll A Joint That Lights Itself” and it will make you the life of any party.


The first thing you’ll need is dub step, lots of heavy, bassy, dub step! Just kidding. What you’ll need is an herb grinder. Bud is easier to roll when it’s ground up this way.


You’ll need to make one. This must make rolling a joint so much easier using a round filter like this. It’s science. Round things tend to roll!

The Joint

The kind of joint you’re rolling here isn’t going to be a tight, skinny J. You’re going to leave some room at the end for some extra paper to stick out. It looks a little tricky, but you can just watch the video over and over again until you get it right.

The Blunt End

Take the end of a pen and push the pot down to make it compact and tight. You’re going to leave some of the rolling paper naked at this end so it can catch fire later on.

Light it

Now you’re ready to smoke this bad boy. Light the extra paper left sticking up. The fire will travel down the paper until it finally reaches the other end and lights. Cool!

Watch and Learn 

You probably won’t ever smoke a joint the same way after watching this video. Most likely what will happen is all of your stoner friends will force you to be the official joint roller at every party you ever go to for the rest of your life . . . What an honor!

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Jan 25, 2016