This senator believes cannabis is the next miracle drug and should be legalized.

Comparing the therapeutic power of cannabis to aspirin in the 1900’s, Senator Larry Campbell explains why he supports legalization in four knock-out punches

Jul 14, 2015

Senator Larry Campbell lays down the law — or what should be the law.

Comparing the therapeutic power of marijuana to aspirin in the 1900’s, the Senator details exactly why he supports the legalization of cannabis in four knock-out punches.

Campbell isn’t the first senator to come out in support of cannabis legalization. Senator Cory Booker went to town on anti-cannabis propagandist Kevin Sabet in this debate. Collectively, senators are pushing an initiative that would give veterans with PTSD safe access to medical marijuana. Even enforcement agrees — a county sheriff in Washington State came out in a statement saying legalizing cannabis was for the best.

We’re sensing a trend. And we like it!

Jul 14, 2015