Would You Send This Grandpa Dealer To Prison?

An 80-year-old man who smuggled marijuana for years has recently been in the news. From surviving a plane crash to storing millions of dollars in stash houses; this man’s life is similar to something you’d see in a movie.

Mar 18, 2016

Did you know the average retirement age is 67? It’s possible this 80-year-old marijuana dealer didn’t know when to stop until he was finally pulled over for speeding and police discovered almost a millions dollars stashed away in his old pick-up!

The speeding ticket

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Police stopped Marshall Dion in Kansas in 2013 for speeding. When stopped he told police he met with his accountant in Pennsylvania and was now driving to Tucson. Dion had been convicted of drug trafficking back in the 80s where he served a short sentence, so the cops told him they were bringing out the K-9 unit. They searched his truck and found $828,000 in cash.


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Federal authorities got hold of Dion’s GPS system and saw exactly where he’d been on his journey. It took them to Town & Country Self Storage in North Reading, Massachusetts where they found 400 pounds of marijuana and $11 million stashed inside. They also found information about another “stash house” he used, a bank account with $2 million dollars in it and an Arizona building with $880,000 in cash stashed there. The biggest thing authorities found were travel logs and accounts indicating Dion had sold somewhere between 3,000 to 10,000 kilograms of marijuana since 1992. Records show Dion has lived all across the US including Boston, Portland, Maine, Colorado, and Arizona..

Back in the day

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Back in the 80s Dion was convicted of drug trafficking. Boston authorities found around 180 pounds of marijuana in a white 1986 Chrysler sedan and then they later found 101 pounds of marijuana in a storage building. He served a short sentence and when he got out he was back at it again until he was caught in Kansas in 2013.

Man of mystery

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The life of Marshall Dion is shrouded in mystery and there is not a lot known about him. One incident he was involved in sounds like it came straight out of a Johnny Depp movie. He survived a plane crash in Wisconsin and $112,000 dollars from inside the plane floated through the air makin’ it rain! When he was found he denied the money was his. Later the government confiscated the money and he wasn’t charged with anything. Dion also gives the appearance of frugality according to reports. When he was stopped for speeding in Kansas he drove a 2002 GMC Sierra with a bunch of “junk” in the truck bed.

Last month his hearing was postponed by a judge who had questions about the plea deal. The lawyers proposed a sentence of five to seven years when the federal sentencing guidelines speak of thirty. The judge postponed the hearing and gave Dion’s lawyers until March 18 to inform the court. You can check out the DEA website here to read about sentencing guidelines for marijuana trafficking.

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Mar 18, 2016