Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart Making Mashed Potatoes Is Priceless

Snoop and Martha are making some delicious mashed potatoes. All they need is some chicken.

Jan 21, 2016

Snoop joins Martha on her talk show to help her make the holiday staple, mashed potatoes.

What are we making again?

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The initial task Martha sets Snoop takes a little long to explain with something of a lost in translation moment. Martha has asked Snoop to take the skins off the potatoes and Snoop, when realising what she means, says “oooh, you mean take the skizzins off”.

“You are the inventor of your own vocabulary”, says Martha. “Do your kids understand you? To which Snoop replies “No, no they don’t. I don’t even understand it. I just have fun talking”.

About half way through the segment Snoop forgets what they’re making. “This smells good… What is this is again?” Martha can’t quite believe it.

Snoop then declares he doesn’t want to use the white pepper, he want to use the black pepper. Genius. He says his grandmother would be proud.

Towards the end, Snoop asks Martha if he can add something to the potatoes. UM WHAT? Surely he’s not going to make “fun” potatoes on the Martha Stewart Show?!

Watch the full clip below. Snoop signs out “I need some chicken with this”. Snoop, legend.





Jan 21, 2016