Watch Snoop Dogg exercise like a mofo in his latest music video

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Apparently, the Dogg really cares about his cholesterol.

Jan 17, 2018
Snoop Dogg

Photo courtesy of West Fest Tv via Youtube

You’d probably never take Snoop Dogg for a CrossFit enthusiast. What would the perpetually skinny California MC, actor, TV show host and entrepreneur ever need with a hardcore workout routine?

But his latest music video, “Motivation,” might as well be an old-school fitness video, except without the leg warmers or leotards. And as it’s Snoop Dogg, there has to be a gangster element. There’s Snoop doing what looks like a typical jailhouse routine, pull-ups and push-ups. There’s Snoop lifting barbells over his head (not with too much weight, mind you), and Snoop slam dunking a basketball. He’s in beast mode, of course.


“My mind is clear, it’s a whole new year. This is motivation, baby,” the Dogg says. Instead of him doing what you’re used to (i.e., hitting blunts with ferocious tokes), he’s urging the world to take no prisoners and win.

In fact, after watching the video—which features a shirtless Snoop Dogg looking something like a Swisher Sweet cigar on stilts in what appears to be a home gym—you feel like you can take on the entire Pittsburg Steelers squad on game day.

“Motivation” recently debuted on Snoop’s West Fest TV YouTube channel. For Snoop, who’s pushing 50, staying fit is a priority.

The video is just a teaser of sorts, directed by Snoop Dogg with a pounding track produced by Ben Billions. And we know Snoop needs to stay on point because he’s everywhere these days. He’s responsible for hosting two television shows. His culinary kick back show “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party” on VH1 is going into its second season. And the Dogg stays busy with The Jokers Wild game show on TBS.

But as for motivating the masses to stay toned (or stoned), this is the Snoop you never thought you would see. And it’s a great balance, too, since this month Snoop Dogg will also be responsible for increasing some fast food consumption when he helps Jack in the Box release its Merry Munchie Meal for a limited time.

“I’m watching my cholesterol at the same time I’m staying athletic and doing the things that I’m supposed to do to maintain this physique of mine,” Snoop Dogg said during a recent episode of his GGN News show about this health routine.

Thankfully, when it comes time to working off the pounds from the late-night snaking, Snoop’s latest song is good enough to anchor any gym playlist.

Jan 17, 2018