Snoop & Martha Stewart Are The Perfect Weed Quiz Team

Television’s new favorite duo, Snoop and Martha Stewart, gear up for ABC’s revival of the $100,000 Pyramid. Priceless!

Jun 30, 2016

The new dynamic duo of daytime television, or at least in our eyes, Snoop and Martha Stewart nail the challenge in an exhibition round of ABC’s revival of the $100,000 pyramid. From her favorite subject to his, Snoop knows his stuff. 

$100,000 pyramid

Sure, a hundred grand doesn’t buy quite as much as it used to, but no one would turn down the chance to will some life-changing money on a show that once dominated television.

The premise is simple: Two teams of celebrities and everyday contestants get paired. They receive clues for word association games based on a themed topic. Then, the victors face off for a chance to win the pot! No, I’m talking about the money.

Snoop and Martha

To get newer audiences acquainted with how the game is played, ABC enlisted the help of television’s newest winning pair, Snoop & Martha Stewart. These 2 practice rounds feature words centered on the themes of home decor and marijuana.

Round 1: Marijuana

Of course, Snoop is going to know every term in the book. He wrote a few of them in there himself. From “roach” to “fattie,” he knocks them out of the park. The best clue? You roll it like sushi… A joint! 7 out of 7.

Round 2: Home decor

Now this is Martha’s specialty, not Snoop’s. Nevertheless, he nails every one. You might say that being one of the most successful rap artists in history gives you a taste for the finer things in life. In any case, Snoop impressively scores another perfect round.

Watch, laugh, & get ready

If you think the laughs are going to stop there, just wait until the show comes out. I have a feeling that these two might be showing up from time to time to spice things up a little.

Weed round:

Home decor round:

Did you watch the original show growing up? Do you remember it before it was even $100k? Who would you rather have on your team, Martha or Snoop? Share with us on social media or in the comments below.

Jun 30, 2016