Snoop DJed The NHL All-Star Skills Competition And Forgot To Play Radio-Edit Songs

Once Snoop began playing the uncensored version of “The Next Episode” at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition, everyone heard an earful of profanity.

Jan 31, 2017

Before Saturday’s NHL All-Star Skills Competition, the league chose Snoop Dogg as DJ to kick off the night’s festivities. Of course, people love Snoop, so choosing him was a smart move. However, once Snoop began playing the uncensored version of “The Next Episode,” everyone heard an earful of profanity. But not to worry, Snoop quickly corrected the mishap by playing DMX’s “Party Up (Up In Here).” WARNING: The video below features full Snoop profanities.

Snoop and the NHL All-Star Skills Competition

During Saturday night’s NHL All-Star Skills Competition, Snoop Dogg pumped up the crowd with his DJing skills. However, the night almost went south when he began playing the explicit version of “The Next Episode.”

If you listen to Snoop, then chances are you know that the particular track features a ton of profanity. So when everyone started hearing “It’s the mother f****** d-o-double g” playing, you can imagine the crowd was probably surprised.

Despite the incident, no one made a single complaint. In fact, Snoop made a rather smooth save by quickly moving on to DMX’s “Party Up (Up In Here),” so chances are no one had time to notice.

During the video, Snoop doesn’t seem the least bit concerned. All you see is him casually nodding along to the track.

However, once you hear “You know who’s back up in this mother f*****,” you can tell he knew it was time to move on to a different song. Nevertheless, he remained as cool as a cucumber.

All hail King Snoop.

Jan 31, 2017