Space Queen: Blast Off With This Perfect Hybrid

Space Queen is a hybrid that will truly send you off to space. This sweet flower provides a truly unique cannabis experience.

Nov 15, 2016

In need of a serious perspective shift? Space Queen is a cerebral yet balanced hybrid that will give you a new life outlook. It is fun and stimulating while simultaneously providing some moderate physical effects. This sweet and earthy strain truly provides a head to toe experience, working its magic on both your body and mind. 

Strain details

Space Queen The 1 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?
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Space Queen is a cross between Romulan and Cinderella 99. Romulan is a powerful indica strain known for its almost narcotic-like effects. Cinderella 99 is a sativa-dominant hybrid that produces a dreamy mental experience with a very slight body high.

The combination of these two top-notch strains is Space Queen, a potent hybrid that produces a soaring cerebral experience and a comforting yet strong-handed bodily relaxation.

The THC content in Space Queen tends to be quite high. The strain features around 20% THC on average. New consumers should start slowly with this strain.

The Space Queen flavor may include hints of sweetness with plenty of the earthy, hash flavor that is famous in cannabis. This hash quality can provide a little acidity and some expert sommeliers may even detect hints of citrus from this psychedelic strain.

The Space Queen experience

Space Queen The 2 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?
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One of Space Queen’s parents, Cinderella 99, has a reputation for producing racy, hyper-stimulating effects. Space Queen has inherited this quality with some key differences.

The speedy sativa buzz is calmed slightly by the Romulan genetics. However, a strong sense of mental energy is still present.

These qualities make the Space Queen high unique. On one hand, it is loaded with a spacy, mental energy. Yet, it simultaneously produces a physical calmness.

The overall result is an oddly balanced yet mind-bending hybrid that provides a potent experience. Yet, Space Queen isn’t known for being as top-shelf worthy as other hybrids like J1 or OG Kush.

Space Queen is by far an afternoon strain. The indica sedation this flower has inherited can make it a little difficult to get things done. Rather, you’re more likely to want to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Tasks that don’t require huge amounts of energy or concentration may be well-paired with Space Queen.

Why do people use Space Queen?

Space Queen The 3 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?
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Space Queen’s unique effects make it a popular strain for daytime pain management. Many with inflammatory conditions like arthritis appreciate the bodily effects and mood boost this strain provides. Stomach pains and nausea also tend to evaporate after a few tastes of this sweet herb.

With powerful mental effects, many patients with psychiatric symptoms tend to gravitate toward this strain. It is a popular choice among those with ADD/ADHD, depression, and chronic stress. Headaches and migraines seem to evaporate into the smoke of this cerebral bud.

Recreational consumers often grab Space Queen when they are searching for a fun and easy altered-mind experience. The same mental effects that make this popular among mental health patients are also appreciated by anyone who enjoys experimenting with new states of consciousness and perspective.

All in all, Space Queen is a potent yet balanced hybrid that can provide an intensely cerebral experience. Yet, the racy effects are calmed down by gentle power-house Romulan.

Pick up Space Queen when you’re in need of a new look on life.

Nov 15, 2016