Steve Harvey Warns Snoop About Why He Should Respect Trump

During his morning radio show, Steve Harvey let everyone know how he feels about Snoop’s “Lavender.”

Mar 24, 2017

People are still talking about Snoop Dogg’s latest music video. You know, the one that features Snoop shooting a fake gun at Donald Trump. Apparently, Steve Harvey isn’t too fond of the rapper targeting the US president. In fact, Harvey is saying that Snoop should respect the current commander in chief. During his morning radio show, comedian Steve Harvey let everyone know how he feels about Snoop’s “Lavender.”

Steve Harvey thinks Snoop Dogg’s “Lavender” is disrespectful

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People cannot stop talking about Snoop Dogg’s new video “Lavender.” Of course, this is because it involves the rapper shooting a fake gun at America’s current president, Donald Trump.

While many give a thumbs up to Snoop’s political statement, others feel as though the video is rather offensive. Steve Harvey just so happens to be one of them.

Although Harvey didn’t criticize Snoop, he certainly didn’t hold back on sharing his thoughts during his morning radio show,

Here’s the problem. If something happens, do you get brought in as the copycat version, the reason that spurred action?

‘Cuz there’s some idiot that’s sitting at his house that’s willing to carry this out… and you don’t want to be tied to that.

Harvey does make a valid point, though. For years now, the media has been blaming celebrities, especially rappers, for other people’s actions.

However, he may have gone a little overboard by saying that Snoop has to respect Trump,

The problem with this is that there’s is an office in this country called the ‘president’, and you have to respect the office. You really do. Whether you want to or not.

You have to respect the office. They got laws… I would hate for anything to come down.

Does Snoop lack respect or is freedom of speech not a thing anymore?

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Not only does Steve Harvey think Snoop should show respect towards Donald J Trump, but also Bow Wow. According to Harvey, their focus should be on their money,

I love Snoop. Bow Wow, always respectful and cordial with one another, me and T.I. I don’t have no problem with T.I. I love the dude. I’m just saying brothers be smart. You gotta be smart man …

All y’all talking got money. You got money, man. You got money and they know how to go after that money. Just be smart, let me tell ya man, leave the first lady out of this.

Y’all going down another path with these cats now. You start messing with they wives … I’ll tell y’all you going down another path.

Apparently, Bow Wow made threats to pimp out Melania, Trump’s wife. While it’s all probably just talk, Harvey claims that Bow Wow’s tweets about the Trumps were both dangerous and disrespectful.

Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us. – Bow Wow

Moving back to Snoop Dogg, Harvey did say that Snoop has the freedom to express himself however he wants,

He’s an artist. He has a right as an artist to do his art in any form.

Meanwhile, he’s telling the Doggfather what he can and cannot do. Does Snoop lack respect for the current commander in chief? Or, is freedom of speech just not a thing anymore?

Mar 24, 2017