“Stoner Sloth”: Ridiculous Anti-Weed Ad Is Something You Need To Laugh At

Meet Stoner Sloth, star of the Australian government’s latest anti-weed campaign, who is attempting to turn young, impressionable marijuana users away from the perils of smoking weed.

Dec 29, 2015

The Australian government’s latest attempt at curbing cannabis use has more entertainment value for stoners than as an anti-weed campaign. ” Stoner Sloth” is designed to turn impressionable, young teenagers away from the horrors of using marijuana.

The video depicts young teenagers in the classroom and at home, dressed in hilarious sloth costumes and making an embarrassment of themselves. It appears the video is trying to show that weed is not exactly a performance enhancing drug, rather that is has a terrible impact on the teenager’s life.

Modern day reefer madness

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This new anti-weed campaign is almost a revival of the “Reefer Madness” campaign of the 1930s prohibition movement, and this latest attempt could potentially be just as unsuccessful. Ironically, both of these films have been more successful as light, hilarious stoner entertainment for marijuana enthusiasts, rather than deterring people from smoking marijuana.

Just like Reefer Madness, Stoned Sloth is downright propaganda. The campaign doesn’t actually offer any valuable information about marijuana use or its effects on the brain or body. It just sends the message that it is a bad idea to start using marijuana, lest you should turn into a sloth.

“You’re worse on weed”

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The catch line of this anti-weed commercial, “you’re worse on weed”, is plastered across the screen after every scene of a young sloth embarrassing themselves one way or another. The idea is to target the problem in teenagers before the habit even starts, encouraging them to stay away from the wicked weed.

Of course, no explanation is really offered about what makes a person worse on weed, and most stoners would agree that this is simply not true. The idea is this campaign is accessible and shared among teenagers about the negative consequences of using marijuana. However, rather than providing some sort of explanation for this,  the message is sent to young marijuana users through a fear factor – something young people are responding less and less to these days anyway.

Stoner Sloth public awareness

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It is arguable whether or not this campaign will bring any public awareness to the marijuana situation in Australia. Currently, it is illegal to be in possession of marijuana in Australia, and this campaign might be an attempt to curb the process before it actually begins there.

This campaign was instigated by Australia’s New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet and is one of the many attempts the Australian government has made over the decades to put fear into the young Australian public about smoking marijuana. The point is, all of this propaganda is extremely ineffective because it has never stopped anybody from smoking weed. It has served only to put fear into a lot of parents about their children’s habits with no real education.

In any case, there’s no reason to be angry at propaganda because it is actually quite comedic.

So, in defiance to this campaign, spark up a joint and enjoy the comedic value of this ridiculous anti-weed campaign and check out the video below!

Dec 29, 2015